How Long To Learn C++ After Python (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One To Two Weeks

C++ is the most used programming language out there. The use of C++ is in major operating systems like Windows, well-known games and platforms like World of Warcraft and Android games, and graphic user interface applications like Photoshop. It will take a while to learn, as are all languages out there, but it would all be worth it in the long run, whether someone wants a job in IT gaming or learning for fun.

Python is a programming language designed for general purposes and considered easier than C++. Python has become rather popular due to its versatility and compatibility. Python can be used in mobile applications, software development as well as in extensive systems development.

How Long To Learn C After Python

How Long To Learn C++ After Python?

C++ is a complicated language that isn’t recommended to beginners of programming since other programs are like the tip of the iceberg compared to C++. Most other programs are designed to code to quicken the process and get it to work. This language has different goals in mind. It focuses on trying to compact speed and memory in its design. In addition to C++ having to be compatible with the programming language of C.

Learning the basics won’t take too long, taking about one to two weeks. Learning C++. It will take you this long when you concentrate only on functional C++, like input and output, and exclude objects, classes, and file operations. Learning depends on if you know another programming language. Knowing a language like Python will help a lot when learning this language. It takes a lot longer in the future with more complex programming problems and understanding the language in more intricate ways, which takes about two to three months. Considering that C++ is being updated often, there isn’t a time where someone can master the language. Once you understand the nuances in the language, it will be updated once again.

Level Of C++ LearningTime After Python
Basic LevelOne to two weeks
Advance LevelTwo to three months

Two to three weeks is required to learn basics, including writing a function taking input, and printing output. In contrast, if someone wishes to learn the advanced concepts, it takes three to four months.

Why Does It Take That Long To Learn C++ After Python?

There will be a need to learn more about the C++ language. Another factor of how long it will take for someone to learn the language is how fast they are. It could take as long as an hour for a fast learner who already knew other languages. Another factor of the time it takes to learn this language is that it gives more freedom and functions to go from but not any hints built into the program to figure out what’s gone wrong.

While including compatibility with C, it built onto it, adding call-to-reference, built-in strings along with another advanced level programming to make it more complicated than the more simple C. It will take patience to figure out the ways to find the problems and to solve them. A bunch of code isn’t understandable the first time, and learning all the exceptions to some rules would take some time. It’s a language that a person would need to build on and figure out the best way for them to use C++.

The amount of time you will need will depend on whether you have any basic knowledge in coding programming or not and your learning capabilities. For beginners, you will need to learn OOP or Object-Oriented Programming. OOP is considered the backbone of C++ and Python, and thus before anything else, you need to learn this.


Overall, it can be concluded that Most smartphones in the world are overrun on the Android operating system. Android apps are written in Python and sometimes in C++; thus, being conversant with these languages as a developer will grant you significant opportunities.

On average, it takes one to two weeks to learn the basics of C++ after learning Python. To become a C++ programmer, one does not need a background in mathematics or engineering, and C++ is made for beginners. The most fundamental requirement is to have determination, a logical mind, and be a hard worker.


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