How Long After FHA Appraisal Is Closing (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After two to four weeks

Today, an appraisal is a standard and minimum requirement for all mortgages. An FHA appraiser will overview the property, inspect it and prepare the report based on the investigation. The property should meet the criteria fixed by HUD. The same conditions apply to the newly constructed building too. The main criteria are to keep the occupants safe.



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In the case of damages like dampness, leakage, or structural damage could lead to negative report. Even the property which is highly expensive could not qualify for an FHA loan. The worth will be decided based on the inspection results and location.

How Long After FHA Appraisal Is Closing

How Long After FHA Appraisal Is Closing?

Today usually people depend on FHA appraisal to get to know about the worth of their home. Similar to other home appraisals, FHA appraisal is carried out by professionals who inspect your home thoroughly and informs you about the worth of the house. FHA appraisal steps are considered more hectic than other appraisal steps and also include an additional cost. However, the fees of appraisal are not refundable at any cost, as it is provided for a particular service.

It is mandatory to meet the respective loan requirements of FHA by both the property and the borrower. A lender approaches the FHA appraisers before undergoing the underwriting process to ensure that the property is worth it and meets every guideline of FHA. It takes nearly 30 to 40 days to close after the FHA appraisal. The closing processes of FHA loans are almost similar to other conventional loans with little difference in the time frame and may require few additional processes in FHA.

As FHA appraisals approve the FHA loans, you must fix all the legal and habitability issues before closing the loan. FHA appraisals analyze the three major factors, property analysis, site analysis, and evaluation of the property. It is hard to approve the FHA loan when the property does not satisfy the minimum requirement initially i.e. during the first visit. In few cases, the closing process takes more than a month due to certain issues. The FHA appraisal is usually valid for 120 days; you have to approach a new FHA appraisal if still, your loan hasn’t closed.

Phases includedTime Taken
FHA appraisal1-2 weeks
Mortgage underwriting3 days
Approval of Conditions2 days
Closing procedure3 days

Why Does It Take That Long To Close After FHA Appraisal?

Buying a home is one of the most important transactions of your life but before proceeding with the further process, it is necessary to inspect every nook and corner of the property which is performed by FHA appraisals. FHA appraisal should be performed by a third-party licensed person who does not have any type of connection either with the buyer or lender. The seller approaches the FHA appraisal whereas the fees are usually paid by the lender. In case of any repair in the verified property, you will be allotted 120 days to rectify it.

Once the appraisal is completed and the property meets the guidelines of FHA, the value of the property will be sent to the lender. If the value of the appraisal meets your expectations, then your loan can be closed within very few days without any issues. But still, various things might take place after appraisal which will delay the closing process. The timeframe from appraisal verification to closing depends on the time taken to complete the paperwork and title search. Delay in these processes can extend the closing process to a certain extent. 

In very rare cases, lenders receive the FHA appraisal reports within 24 hours of the inspection. The next phase after the report completion is Mortgage Underwriting. Generally, a delay occurs in the step of appraisal verification, but aside from that, there may be few issues on the buyer’s end like an insufficient fund for a down payment which leads to a delay in the closing process. 


To buy or sell the house, an appraisal is a necessary and intermediate step. Various factors determine the amount of FHA loan such as type of the property, location, and also the size. There are several steps included in this process. The lender‘s underwriter will verify all the required documents for the loan.

The closing process after an appraisal takes nearly 2 to 3 hours. Few issues can be resolved through any agent earlier to prevent the delaying process. Take a piece of advice from experts to proceed without any hesitation. Avoid major purchases between FHA appraisal and closing the loan.


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