How Long After FHA Appraisal To Get Report (And Why)?

How Long After FHA Appraisal To Get Report (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 120 Days

An FHA appraisal is done so that to check you can qualify for an FHA loan. An FHA appraisal is not at all similar to FHA inspection because in the case of an FHA appraisal things like structural soundness and safety will be checked.

If your home has been checked by the FHA then it could take about a couple of months before you get the report from the FHA department. In some cases, people can get a 30-day extension. In order to pass the FHA appraisal you need to have a well-structured property and it must be in good condition so that the occupants in it are safe.

How Long After FHA Appraisal To Get Report

How Long After FHA Appraisal To Get Report?

Failing after FHA appraisalOne will not be able to get the FHA loan in case they fail in the FHA appraisal.
Criteria to meet during the appraisalThe FHA department will observe whether the property meets its ‘minimum property requirements’.

To be approved for the FHA loan your property needs to meet the basic requirements and it is then your loan will be carried forward. In case the report fails then you have to make sure that the problems are solved when it comes to your property damages or any other such kinds of thing.

The FHA checklist contains a lot of things and they make sure that those are met with the proper system and setting in your property. An FHA inspection, on the other hand, is an in-depth analysis of your home where the department of FHA will inspect issues in your property.

If your property has been asked for an FHA inspection then it means that they are looking for structural issues of the property, hazards, and other such kinds of things. During this kind of inspection, the FHA department makes sure that the property/home is in its best livable condition while they meet the minimum standards.


During the inspection from FHA, they will also verify the true market value of your home. However, there is a cost that you have to bear while you want to do either an inspection of your house or an appraisal. Make sure you know about the bills that need to be paid.

Why Does It Take That Long After FHA Appraisal To Get Report?

As soon as your property has been inspected or appraised by the FHA department then you can expect the report after several days from the day of inspection/appraisal. The report will take some time to be completed and therefore you need to keep some patience till the report reaches you.

The department might have other houses to check and therefore they will have a lot of work to do. This is one of the reasons why the report might take some time. However, there is a certain process to get the FHA inspection because you have to pass the initial requirements for your income, assets, credit, and other such kinds of things.

The FHA appraisal or the inspection can take up to several hours before it is completed. The inspection might take a bit longer because they will do an in-depth analysis of your property and if your property is large then they might take the day to complete.


The report will return to you depending upon the workload of the inspector. So, till then you just have to wait and nothing else. There will be several things that the inspector will check. There will also be a checklist where he will mark things down whether the condition is good or poor.


In the end, you want things to happen quickly so that there is less harassment. However, if you have chosen for FHA analysis or an inspection then you have to consider some things and let the department do their work.

You can constantly be in touch with your inspector or with the department of FHA to know the status of your report. The FHA department might give you updates from time to time and you might get your report within the next few days.

You also need to make sure that your house is in livable condition. Make sure that there are no damages because that might be dangerous for the people living inside the house.


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