How Long After PR To Get Citizenship Canada (And Why)?

How Long After PR To Get Citizenship Canada (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To Twelve Months

PR stands for permanent residency, and permanent residence in Canada refers to the status granted to a particular individual who by birth doesn’t belong to Canada, the right to live in Canada. There will also be no time limit on the person’s stay, and he/she can work in the country for as long as they want.

To avail the facilities of a permanent resident, a foreign national needs to apply under one of several programs offered by the IRCC, which stands for Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada. It was formerly called Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

How Long After PR To Get Citizenship Canada

How Long After PR To Get Citizenship Canada?

Being a permanent resident of Canada allows an individual to apply for citizenship of the country. But the person must have spent a considerable amount of time in the country. Citizenship has many benefits, such as the right to work, the right to live, and the resident being permitted to study in Canada’s territory or province. Getting citizenship also allows the person to apply for pension and other benefits that an individual receives after retiring from a government job. They are also covered under the national health schemes and are also provided funds for various social works.

The resident is also allowed to vote in the general elections of the country. Canada’s citizens are also availing benefits of freedoms, rights, and protections under several governmental schemes. A person can only apply for citizenship if he/she had lived in Canada for three years or more in a minimum duration of five years at the time when the person had applied for it. A citizen can also sponsor their family, friends, or relatives for permanent residency if the other member fulfills all the residence criteria.

Age Group Of An IndividualApplication FeesTime Taken For Approval
Adult630 DollarsUp To Twelve Months
Minor100 DollarsUp To Ten Months

The time taken for approval of the application depends on the age group of the applicant. Minor candidates are offered citizenship within ten months of the application. In comparison, an adult’s application takes approximately a year to get approved.

Why Does It Take So Long After PR To Get Citizenship Canada?

The procedure to apply for citizenship in Canada is lengthy, and an applicant needs to fulfill many criteria. Apart from being a permanent resident and spending three years in the country, the applicant must pay all the taxes if they need to. Also, the applicant needs to pass a citizenship test to be eligible for availing of a citizen’s benefits. The individual must be fluent in either English or French or in both to apply for citizenship. It takes a lot of time to fulfill all the conditions, and there are a few other requirements that may be needed depending on the applicant’s status.

The resident can apply for citizenship online. The process is straightforward and hassle-free. The applicant first needs to downloads the application package from the website. After that, the resident needs to fill in all the information, and it should be made sure that all the data is authentic. Then the applicant should pay the required application fees depending on the age group. Minors have to pay only a hundred dollars, whereas adults have to spend six hundred thirty dollars applying. After submitting the application form, the officials will verify and cross-check all the information and decide whether the application is genuine.

In the processing time, the applicant needs to give the citizenship test and prove their English or French fluency. After successfully becoming a citizen, the applicant is given free admission to Canada’s cultural centers and natural parks for a year.


Overall, it can be concluded that to become a citizen of Canada; the applicant must have been a permanent resident of the country for three years or more. Citizenship comes with many benefits, such as the right to claim health and pension benefits. A citizen is also allowed to cast a vote in the elections.

On average, it takes a maximum time of twelve months after permanent residency for the citizenship to get approved. The application fees of adults are higher than that of minors. The applicant must pass a test and should have paid all the taxes to be eligible for citizenship.


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  1. The procedure is long but appears to be designed to make sure that only those committed to the country become citizens.

  2. It’s interesting to know the time taken for approval depends on the applicant’s age group.

  3. The requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship are comprehensive and should be carefully considered by the applicants.

  4. It’s essential to follow the procedure to become a Canadian citizen and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

  5. It’s great to know that the applicant is given free admission to cultural centers and natural parks for a year after successfully becoming a citizen.

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