How Long after Iron Pills can I Eat (And why)?

How Long after Iron Pills can I Eat (And why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Hour

The human body is composed of many nutrients and other components. Every mineral, vitamin, and other element plays a vital role in the overall and significant development of the body. Like calcium that is available in milk helps to build our bones and teeth.

Often, a person may have a deficit of that particular nutrient, meaning the body requirement of the nutrients is very high. In contrast, the person’s intake of the components is in deficit or less than the required value.

Therefore, the person has to take supplements of that nutrients which can be in tablets and medicines, which have to be handled with great care and precautions.

How Long after Iron Pills can I Eat

How Long after Iron Pills can I Eat?

The human body needs many minerals and vitamins, where iron is the macronutrient required by the body.

 Macronutrients are those nutrients that a body needs at a large scale since iron helps in the overall development of the body.

Iron is required by the body to produce more hemoglobin, a component found in the red blood cells, which carries oxygen to a different part of the body.

If the body is in an iron deficit, then the hemoglobin levels can decrease to the safe level, which can cause serious health issues. 

Since the body and other components require oxygen where cells break oxygen and food, and water produces energy, the deficit can cause the body’s underdevelopment since no power is supplied in the body.

Iron consumption in a human body depends on age, where the young generation needs more iron intake, gender, where the women are required to have stable iron consumption due to constant hormonal changes in the body. Lastly, the vegetarian population needs to have a significant iron because the food they consume is primarily plant-based. Iron-rich food is different types of meats, eggs, and seafood.

To cover this deficit, these people consume the iron supplement or tablets that provide the required iron to regulate the hemoglobin level in the body. Still, iron supplements have to be taken in a particular manner depending upon the eating orientation.

Iron Pills
FactorsTime Before Eating
Young Person45 Minutes
Old Person2 Hours
Existence of deficit1 Hour
Vegetarians1.5 Hours

Why Does it Take so Long to Eat After Iron Pill?

The iron pills supplement those who do not take iron-rich food, especially the vegetarians and the iron deficit people. Hence, the iron pills have to be taken empty stomach and wait for some time before eating anything, but many factors affect when the person can eat the elements- age, type of diet, and If deficit exists.

Age is the most prominent factor since the young generation can eat a couple of minutes later after taking the iron supplements since the body is active and the blood absorbs the medicine. Hence, the time before eating decreases, whereas the aged person has to wait longer.

The existence of a deficit is also an important factor since the person is an iron deficit. The number of supplements has to be increased; therefore, the time for absorption also increases, and the person has to wait for a long time before eating. Whereas the person without a deficit takes fewer supplements, and as the pills decrease, so does the absorption time.


The type of diet is similar to the deficit since the vegetarian person has to take more supplements to complete the iron intake. Since the pills increase, the absorption time also increases, so does time before eating. In contrast, a non-vegetarian takes fewer supplements and can intake food in a short span.

It is essential to take iron pills empty stomach so the absorption process can increase, and the food should be taken at least an hour before the pills so the medicines get absorbed and the food does not affect the absorption process.


Iron is the main component required by the body since iron helps develop hemoglobin that supplies oxygen to the body and helps the cells break food, water, and oxygen to produce the energy needed for the body.

The person having an iron deficit has to take iron pills to complete the obligation. The iron intake also depends on sex, age, and diet since vegetarians have to increase their iron intake. 

The iron supplements have to be taken empty stomach so that the body can absorb the intake. It is also essential to not eat anything after consuming the medicine, and the time depends upon age, diet, and existence of deficit.




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