How Long After Fracture can I Exercise (And why)?

Exact answer: 1 Week

The human body has been designed in the most magnificent manner that can do all the work since the human brain is the most powerful invention that can think and bring everything to reality just by brainstorming.

The human body consists of 206 bones, every bone carrying out different functions. Moreover, the bones are made out of phosphorus and calcium that provide support and strength to the bones, making them solid and hard. 

But due to an unstable situation, a bone may break and cause a fracture. A fracture can range from a hairline fracture to the extreme where a bone can split into two pieces.

How Long After Fracture can I


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How Long After Fracture can I Exercise?

A bone is mainly made up of phosphorus and calcium that gives the bone strength and makes them stronger that prevents any problem. Still, a person can go through a fracture. The most common situation can be while playing, accidents, or slipping on an uneven platform. A fracture occurs when a sudden jerk is received by the bone resulting in a crack.

After a fracture occurs, the person is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor puts a cast on the fractured area. Still, before that, the doctor applies plaster of Paris that hardens the site, so there is no movement in that area, and a cast is used to add an extra layer. 

The main motive of the cast is to keep the cracked bone in one place, so there is no movement since the bones are self-healable and get repaired when the blood vessels join back and result in heal and cracks goes away. But in extreme conditions when bones are not self- healable, it is healed through surgery where the doctor uses metal piece like screws, pins, and rods to put the bone in a single place.

After a fracture, many routine activities may come to a halt, like driving, playing, swimming, etc.

 Since the first two days, it is recommended to have complete bed rest and avoid doing any activity since the body adjusts to the fracture and is the most vulnerable time to do any exercise.

But it is recommended to carry out exercises so the blood flows towards the fracture increases.

SituationTime Before Exercising
Minor Fracture- Hairline1 Week
Major Fracture- Cracks3-4 Weeks

Why Does it Take so Long to Exercise After the Fracture?

It is essential to exercise after the fracture and in general since exercises have many health benefits. But after the fracture, these activities may come to a halt, and it is important to start exercising after a week of fracture. Still, many other factors may affect the minimum period. The elements are a type of fracture, age, and place of rupture.

Type of fracture plays a vital role; if a person has gone through any hairline fracture or a minor crack, they can carry out their activity within a week since a hairline fracture is not painful and healable.

But if the fracture is prominent, it would take a lot of time for the person to get back to their normal activities. Since a significant crack or bone-cracking in two pieces is treated with metal pieces and it is recommended not to put any pressure in the place of fracture, it can add a lot of time.

Age also plays a significant role since an aged person may take more time to get back to the regular activity like exercise due to weak bones, but young people can get back to the traditional training in no time.


Place of fracture is also essential, since if the fracture is carried out in an area where the body receives a lot of pressure. At the same time, exercise like legs, hips, and back can take a lot of time to get back to the regular activity, but if the fracture is carried out in fewer pressure places, then the recovery and time to get back to exercises are significantly less.


The bones in the human body are the body’s main structure that puts the body in place and helps carry out everyday activities, and bones are made in a self-healable way.

If a fracture, the bones are healed on their own, cast and Plaster of Paris is applied to keep the bones in a single place.

 So, the vessels can repair the bones, but in case of a significant fracture, the bones are bolted with metal pieces like rods, screws, and pins to keep the bone stable.

Exercising after the fracture is very important, but it is essential to rest for a week before exercising after the fracture. Still, many other factors like the type of fracture, age, and place of fracture may affect the period.




Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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