How Long After Klonopin can I Take Ativan (And Why)?

How Long After Klonopin can I Take Ativan (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Hours

Klonopin and Ativan should not be mixed unless there is an emergency. Anti-anxiety drugs are quite common these days. Klonopin is used for panic attacks and other symptoms of anxiety. The actual compound is clonazepam. It can also be regarded as a tranquilizer.

On the other hand, Ativan is a sedative. It is mainly used to treat anxiety disorders and OCD, that is, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Since both of them work on the brain, doctors recommend consuming them only after a considerable time duration has elapsed.

How Long After Klonopin can I Take Ativan

How Long After Klonopin can I Take Ativan?

Benzodiazepine drugs are prescribed only in emergency conditions. In case of psychological disorders or panic attacks, the psychiatrist might switch medicines like Klonopin and Ativan. This is done in order to recognize which drug is more effective.

There have been instances when patients were consulting two doctors at the same time and ended up mixing the drugs. Such a situation might lead to further health complications. Therefore, a minimum gap of 12 hours should be maintained between Klonopin and Ativan intake.

In case the dosage is higher (for more severe brain issues), this duration might extend to 15 hours or even a day. To be on the safer side, discontinuing the previous drug for a day is advisable. Any other tranquilizers or relaxants should also be alternated if they cannot be skipped for this duration.

It might be difficult for depressed individuals to keep a track of these drugs. In such a case, limited usage is the only solution. If the sequence is the other way out (Klonopin after Ativan), the gap remains more or less the same. One must not take the other drug if the first one had serious side effects which disturbed the normal life.

When serious mental issues are diagnosed, discontinuing medicines is a bit difficult. To avoid any withdrawal symptoms, strict adherence to the medical practitioner’s order is necessary. The maximum permissible dosage should not be exceeded in any case.


In Summary:

Light dose (0.5 mg)12 hours
Heavy dose (1 mg or more)15 hours

Why Can I Take Ativan So Long After Klonopin?

In order to understand the necessity of delaying consumption of Ativan, it is essential to note that tranquilizers are used only in case of emergency. With an increase in intensity, the side effects and withdrawal symptoms increase gradually. Therefore, it is highly important to avoid mixing Klonopin and Ativan as they both belong to the same category of anxiety drugs.

Unless the former medicine has been excreted from the body, the after-effects of Klonopin remain. Many doctors take into consideration the half-life period. This is done to ensure that both the medicines do not make the patient severely ill, as a result of which he or she may pass out.

These tablets are not available without a prescription. This clearly indicates the chances of fatality in case of misuse. If Ativan is taken too soon, either Klonopin might lose its effect or both the medicines might wreak havoc in the body by exaggerating the symptoms.


Disorders can even be treated by alternating these medicines. If Klonopin is discontinued, Ativan should not be taken on the same day in order to avoid blurry vision.

At times, these drugs also lead to hallucinations. Even if low-intensity Ativan is prescribed, one must wait until the Klonopin reactions are over. Pregnant women should avoid both these tranquilizers at all costs.


Both these prescription medicines have severe side effects on human beings of all ages. One of the most prominent among them is blurred vision. It is advisable to choose one of them only as the brain function might get damaged due to the high dosage. Ativan is more commonly prescribed as compared to Klonopin.

Whichever drug is used to treat anxiety, one should not consume without having a properly balanced diet. The dosage should not be varied without clinical correlation.


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