How Long After Narcan Can You Use (And Why)?

How Long After Narcan Can You Use (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two To Five Minutes

Narcan falls under the category of medications that are used for treating the effects of opioids. They work by blocking the working of opioids. Narcan is traded by multiple other brand names such as naloxone, myxoid, Vizio, and others. The medicine is commonly used to counter breathing issues in patients who suffer from an opioid overdose.

The drug can be taken orally through the mouth, or it can also be injected into the patient’s veins. The elimination half-life of the drug is one to one and a half hours. The molecular formula of the medicine contains nineteen carbon atoms, four oxygen atoms, and a solitary nitrogen atom. The hydrogen atom is responsible for filling the remaining valences. The molecular mass of Narcan is 327.38 grams per mole.

How Long After Narcan Can You Use

How Long After Narcan Can You Use?

Narcan was first patented in 1961 and was affiliated for general use ten years later in 1971. Narcan is one of the medicines present in the list of essential medicines published by WHO or the World Health Organization. Food and Drug Administration that is FDA also approved a spray of Narcan to treat opioid overdose in less severe cases. The spray product is available in the market with the name Kloxxado. Opioids result in depression of the respiratory system and the central nervous system, and Narcan helps in reversing the effects of such opioids.

Higher doses of Narcan are not advised for pregnant women. Medical experts have observed that a maximum dose of ten milligrams of the drug doesn’t affect the fetus. However, whether this drug causes problems in a breastfeeding mother is unclear. But since the medicine is not orally bioavailable, it is found that it doesn’t affect the milk very much. Older patients aged more than sixty can also take this drug without any complications.

Method Of Taking NarcanTime To Show Effects
Orally By MouthFive Minutes
By Injection Into VeinsTwo Minutes

Narcan is a speedy drug and starts working immediately after getting inside the body. If the drug is taken orally by mouth, then it takes five minutes to show its effects. In contrast, when injected into the body, the medicine starts working in around two minutes.

Why Does It Take That Long After Narcan To Use?

When Narcan is prepared, then propylparaben and methylparaben are used in it. These compounds are potent and are deemed inappropriate for medical experts in patients suffering from paraben hypersensitivity. Suppose a patient also uses medicine such as Naltrexone or Nalmefene. In that case, they are advised to take Narcan with proper caution as these three medicines are structurally similar, and an overdose can be harmful to the patient. Some other drugs are also not allowed to be consumed together with Narcan due to the drug composition.

It takes that long after Narcan to use it because it blocks the opioid receptors in the body. The drug is responsible for blocking them for around two to three hours, giving sufficient time for the medical staff operating to work, and providing the required medical help that is needed to the patient. According to the patient’s need, Narcan can also be given in specific quantities to manipulate the opioid blockade.


Narcan is a powerful drug, and it serves an essential purpose. It is very crucial to contact an authorized medical expert who has prior knowledge of the drug and knows how to treat a patient with the help of Narcan. Overdose of the medicine is very harmful and can also be deadly. In case of any discomfort, medical assistance is necessary. Negligence in drug administration can be harmful to the patient.


Finally, it can be concluded that Narcan is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. The medicine helps block the opioid receptors in our body. The medicine is one of the most prescribed and is also on the list of essential medicines published by the WHO.

On average, the drug takes only two minutes to show its effect when introduced into the body through veins. Intake by mouth shows its effect in around five minutes. Narcan is now also available in the form of a spray. In case of any medical emergency, the patient must be taken to a medical expert for further treatment.


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