How Long After Lipo Can I Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 Weeks

Exercising is one of the most crucial needs that your body needs on a daily basis. However, not every day you can exercise because you have to go through several stages of your life. Similarly, whenever you suffer massive damage inside your body then it takes up some time to heal.

Even after liposuction, you are recommended not to exercise for at least one to two weeks. If you start exercising or indulging yourself in any kind of physical activity then you might not get the expected results on time. However, you will be allowed to resume your general activity after a day or two.

How Long After Lipo Can I Workout

How Long After Lipo Can I Workout?

Post-liposuction procedureYou can resume your general activities like conducting daily chores.
Post-liposuction procedureYou should not indulge yourself in any kind of physical activity for at least one to two weeks.

There are two kinds of fat inside our bodies. Some people call it the good fat and the other one is called the bad fat. The liposuction process will extract all the bad fat and you become slim. Most obese people or people whose weight bothers themselves can go for this procedure.

However, the process of liposuction is not permanent because you can still gain weight if you do not control your diet or you do not indulge in exercises after a few weeks of rest. Patients need to maintain their bodies once they go through their liposuction surgery. Doctors recommend their patients maintain a healthy diet and good exercise is needed.


Good exercise does not mean you have to start exercising right after you had liposuction surgery. You need to take a rest for a while but you are allowed to do your daily chores. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle because once again there could be a chance that your fats could start accumulating.

General household activities, walking slowly can be done after a day or two post-liposuction. You need to walk slowly or try to do movement because there could be a chance of blot clots. Light physical activity will help after a liposuction procedure.

Why Does It Take That Long After Lipo To Workout?

Your body needs some time to heal on its own and you need to give rest and be comfortable for at least one to two weeks after the liposuction process. Do not take bed rest completely because that would be one thing that your doctor would not recommend after your liposuction procedure.

You can still perform some light exercises so that you can be active even after the liposuction process. Conduct light physical activity, aerobic activities, and some resistance exercises so that your body will heal rapidly.

Do the light exercises until and unless it is affecting your body or the area that was treated because if you are facing some kind of problem while you are exercising then that might not be a good sign at all. Contact your doctor as soon as possible if there are any complications.


Resistance exercises can be resumed after the second week of the surgery and you can gradually start to increase it slowly. There is no need to do heavy exercises straight away because that might affect the area of the surgery and you can face complications later on.

Seek medical attention if any pain has been caused or you have faced some kind of discomfort. Remember that the purpose of exercising is to make you feel energized not make you feel weak. So, your intake of food depends on how much time you can heal yourself after the surgery.


In the end, you have to take care of yourself no matter what surgery you had gone through. Take bed rest for a while but you need to get up yourself and do some physiotherapy.  Doing certain exercises will help regulate the blood flow and it will make you feel energized.

Try not to indulge yourself in smoking or drinking habits because that will only make your body’s health decline. It might not affect your health right now but in the long run, you better take care of that habit. 



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