How Long Is Breath Of The Wild (And Why)?

Exact Time: 50 hours 16 minutes 

“Breath of the Wild ” is a video game. It is a part of the video game series named “The Legend Of Zelda.” This game was released on March 3, 2017. The developer of this game is ” Nintendo EPD”. “Nintendo” is also the publisher of this game.



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It is directed by “Eiji Aonuma.” Breath of the Wild is a single-player mode game. The main plot of “the legend of the wild” is about an ancient kingdom named “Hyrule” is captured by an evil demon “Ganon” but princess “Zelda” along with warrior “link” fought the battle with Damon and saved the kingdom.  

How Long Is Breath Of The Wild

How Long Is Breath Of The Wild?

Single-player Average Time
Main story50hrs 16m 
Main + extra 100hrs 04m 
Completionists 192hrs 22m 
All play style 96hrs 06m 

In the “breath of the wild” part, the warrior “link,” controlled by the player, wakes up from the 100 years of slumber to defeat the demon. In this game princess, Zelda has to choose the knight who can fight for her and her kingdom, and the player becomes the knight named” click.” But Princess Zelda lost her memories, so the player has to collect all the 13 memories of the princess so that Zelda and Click could defeat the demon.

We can’t estimate such a particular time, because it varies from different levels and difficulties. The main story took approximately 7-20hours to finish without going to any sub-level parts. However, in this game, there is one central part, and that is how to defeat the demon. But there are many sublevels. If anyone wants to beat all main quests, or all side quests, all DLC, all memories, all shrines. 

But they don’t care about finishing the level to collect all these above criteria; then it will take 200 hours approximately. However, if the player doesn’t want any information or any DLC or doesn’t want to finish all the quests. If he only focuses on completing the level, then it will take approximately 60 hours.  

Nevertheless, if the player is an expert and has practiced the game many times, it will take 45mint to 1 hour. If you don’t want to skip any bit of the fun and want to enjoy everything, the player is a pro-level player, and then it will take approximately 80 hours.

Why Is Breath Of The Wild So Long?

The “Legend of Zelda” game series releases a new version of its game every two years. However, the fresh “breath of the wild” part took five years to realize. As it is one of the most popular video games globally, users became a little impulsive about its late release. 

Nevertheless, game development is not an easy task; it’s a creative process that needs more attention. However, Nintendo! You can’t just randomly employ anyone to join the game developing team. A person has to be that much qualified to be appointed a developer in these companies. And also, they can’t hire more people as it might get difficult for the new people to understand the whole process. Nobody can give their 100% if they don’t know about the project well. 

However, “breath of the wild”  game features are very satisfying. The main plot is about how to defeat the demon who illegally captured the kingdom of Hyrule. But there are also many sublevels about information, side quests, DLC, memories, shrines, and everything. One player can only focus on getting the demon and ignore all of these levels, but for a gamer, it is pretty impossible to ignore all of these. 

So, people put so much time and effort into finishing the game, so it is the fundamental duty of the developer to make the game exciting so that it can attract people from all over the world. In this game, there were many stages one needed to complete to beat the demon. Other than that, there were a lot of sub-stages that had many exciting tools in them. 


This game is all about the action-adventure genre. It is famous among the youth, but also there are so many people above the age of 35 who also like to play this game, and there are people who are very much addicted to this game. However, the entire “the legend of the Zelda” series is most commonly famous and exciting, but “breath of the wild” is the new version of this series game. 

However, there is always a good and bad side to everything. This game is one of the most popular games nevertheless it is suggested by many gamers and professionalists that children should avoid playing this game as it is time-consuming and it might harm their mind. 


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