How Long Does A Dog Live After Euthanasia (And Why)?

How Long Does A Dog Live After Euthanasia (And Why)?

Exact Time: 30 seconds

Euthanasia has barbiturate which slows down the performance of the brain. The vet performs the two-stage process: injecting injection initially to make the dog unconscious and then another shot to make them die. It is given to the pets by injecting the drugs which cause death. Firstly, a tranquilizer is given to relax the pet’s anxiety and then this injection is given.

Euthanasia is given basically on the leg of the dogs. If given in large doses the pet will quickly become unconscious. Their functioning of the brain shut down within two minutes. Also, the heart will stop beating. As such the dog won’t wake up after giving euthanasia.

How Long Does A Dog Live After Euthanasia

How Long Does A Dog Live After Euthanasia?

When you inject euthanasia into a dog’s body, a second dog will become numb and move to sleep, having no pain in the body. Gradually breathing will decrease and then it stops after many seconds. After that dog can suffer from cardiac arrest and so his death comes. After just 30 seconds he will die and then never woke up. It just takes only one to two minutes for the heart to stop the dog. And then the doctor will tell that dog has died.

When given to the dog, the first injection reacts for at least 10 minutes and the dog is in the position of sleep and they aren’t aware of anything. The second injection is then injected and it is also the anesthetic one which when given in the abdomen takes up to 15 minutes. This is gentle and gradual than when an injection is given intravenously and your dog dies within a second.

If any sort of gas is given for inhalation like carbon dioxide, it can make the animal in just 45 minutes go to an unconscious state. There are also physical methods of euthanasia that can affect the time period of death of the dog. These can be faster than any other method. These are also painless. If properly performs then causes rapid death of your dog. The non-inhalation is also workable as it is reliable and rapid in action.

Dog Live After Euthanasia
Injection To BodyTime
Abdomen15 minutes
Intravenouslyin just a second

Why Does It Take So Long After Euthanasia For Dog To Live?

As we all know, medicine has its own time period to react, so it depends on how fast or how slow the process is. Also, where the injection is applied to the body of dogs, it affects the time to react. If injected directly into the veins, it reacts fast but other than it is injected, it may take a small amount of time.

The means through which euthanasia is given also affects the time period for the euthanasia to reacts. It also depends on how skill the worker is. The size of the animal, their painful injury, diseases, any sort of cancer also their species have some basis in selecting the means for euthanasia so takes time according to it. And hence affecting the time of reaction of euthanasia in dogs.

Dog Live After Euthanasia

The different methods or agents used for giving euthanasia also affect the time period of dogs to die. Like Gunshot, giving carbon dioxide, barbiturates, methoxy fluorane, microwave irradiation, etc is used. You can use any from all of them and so the time varies accordingly. Many times inhalation agents are given like chloroform, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, cyanides, etc. so this too may increase or decrease the time period of effects on the animals.


Euthanasia is to be considered when your dog cannot eat anything, vomiting many a time, a lot of pain, many difficulties while the dogs are breathing, etc. And as we know you all have become the family so you know everything about your dog. Therefore you have to decide about your dog.

Your dog won’t feel anything after this injection as the dog will be unconscious. Dogs die smoothly without any problem. The vet will listen if there is a presence or absence of your dog’s heartbeat and then give the remark of no breath. Many dogs know that they are dying so they always look for their loved ones to be with them.



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