How Long After Two Beers Can I Breastfeed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 4 to 5 hours

After you give birth to a baby, the excitement for different things like the eating and drinking which you left during your pregnancy time is all set to return. It is also heard that a small amount of alcohol if taken can increase the supply of your milk. And this very thing seems much more than music to the ears of most of the post-pregnant mothers who hear it after 8 to 9 months of a wait without alcohol.

So according to some reports produced by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it states that it is the safest option for the mothers who breastfeed their newborn or infants. But it is also stated that some moderate amount of alcohol consumption will not harm the newly born infant.

How Long After Two Beers Can I Breastfeed

How Long After Two Beers Can I Breastfeed?

In cases of moderate consumption2 hours
After Consumption of Two Beers4 hours

So it is found that the level of alcoholic activity is highest when found in breast milk. It happens only 30 minutes to one before the alcoholic content gets consumed. Otherwise, it gets detected in the breast milk of the mother after 2 to 3 hours per drink of beer or any alcohol is consumed. 

But the more amount of time it takes to consume the alcohol, the more time it will take to get detected. It is like with a single drink of alcohol, it will get detected in the mother’s breast milk within 2 hours of the drink at least. Likewise, on the consumption of two drinks of beer or alcohol, it will get detected in the breast milk within 4 hours of the drink taken at least. And so on it continues like this. 

Two Beers

Since many factors are responsible for the detection of the alcohol levels in the blood and the amount of time it will be there in the blood. Well, some of these factors include what is the amount of alcohol consumed, what is the weight of the mother, at what pace the alcohol got consumed, how fast was the alcohol broke down into the mother’s body, and whether it got consumed by food. 

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Research also stated that when a breastfeeding mom in case controls the amount of alcohol that is being considered safe. It is also considered safe for all women which are one drink per day this will decrease the risk caused factor by not exposing the child to any harmful effect. This is because of a precautionary measure taken by them. So it is ideal to wait for 4 hours after having two drinks of beer. 

Why This Long After Two Beers Can I Breastfeed?

So before proceeding further into this acclaimed topic, a thing must be made clear that all the statements made or facts and figures given are only based upon some thorough research about the topic including mere assumptions. So now as already, we have answered that how long will it take to breastfeed the hungry baby after having two drinks of beer.

But now after this, another will get raised over your mind that why will it take this long period to breastfeed the hungry baby after having two drinks of beer. As it needs valid reasons to justify that why does it take this long. So let’s go through the seasons ahead.

It is very well known that alcohol does increase the productivity of breastfeeding and is not harmful to the infant only when taken in a moderate amount that is 1 drink per day. And it will be better if the breastfeeding mother waits for another 2 hours before feeding her baby with her breast milk. But the thing is much higher levels of alcohol consumption of the mother can bring complications in the ejection reflex when the mother’s alcohol level remains quite high.


And again after that, if over time more than the amount needed alcohol is being consumed it would lead the mother’s breastfeeding capacity with a short duration due to a very low amount of milk production from the mother. It may also affect mainly the sleep pattern of the infant and its early development if excessive alcohol is being consumed by the breastfeeding mother.

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So at last it has become clear that the how and why this long after having two drinks of beer it’s necessary to wait for the next 4 to the hours before breastfeeding the infant.

It is also necessary for the mother to consume only a moderate or less than this amount only for the increase in milk productivity. Other than that it will have a very harmful impact both on the baby and the mother.


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  1. It is important to wait for the right amount of time to breastfeed your baby after consuming alcohol. We must keep in mind that the child’s well-being is at stake.

  2. This post is very enlightening. It is important to have all the facts straight before making decisions.

  3. This seems like a very reasonable conclusion. It seems that we should follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of the baby.

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