How Long Are Mattresses Good For (And Why)?

How Long Are Mattresses Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Seven To Ten Years

Mattresses are one of the most essentials that any person needs. Since the mattresses help support when a person lies down, it is an imminent part of furnishing for comfortable sleeping. It can be used on a bed or can be used just like that too.

Many types of mattresses are available in the market that can last for a different number of years. It depends upon the type of mattresses, which will define the period for which the mattress will be good for us. Using a worn-out mattress can prove too harmful for the person who uses it for sleeping.

Hence, it becomes imminent to change the mattress after a certain period.

How Long Are Mattresses Good For

How Long Are Mattresses Good For?

Choosing the right mattress is of utmost importance for both comforts and for avoiding problems related to the spinal cord. Also, the choice of mattress will define how long the mattress will last.

On average, a normal mattress can last for about seven to ten years. However, many factors can decide how long a mattress can last. Majorly it is upon the type of mattress, but other factors like the usage will also influence the length for which the mattress will be fit for use.

As the age of the mattress increases over the years, the shape and form of the mattresses start to become different. Once the mattresses lose their shape and form, it tends to be the cause of back pain and discomfort. Continued usage of such a mattress can lead to spinal injury.

Mattresses like latex mattresses tend to last for almost up to twenty years due to good built quality. Also, there are mattresses like the pillow top mattress that are only good for five to six years.

Type of MattressThe period for which the mattresses will last
Innerspring. mattressesUp to ten years
Foam mattressesTen to fifteen years
Latex MattressesTen to twenty years
Gel MattressTen to fifteen years
Hybrid MattressesFive to seven years
Pillow Top MattressesFive to seven years
Poly Foam MattressesUp to fifteen years
Air MattressesUp to eight years
Orthopedic MattressesMaximum seven years
Water BedsFive to ten years

Why Are Mattresses Good For That Long?

There have many types of mattresses that are way better than the earlier quilt mattresses. Quilt mattresses did not last for a long time as compared to the ones that are present today. The primary reason why the present mattresses last for a much longer time is the technology that is used to make these mattresses.

Owing to the technology, the mattress can be built now by using a combination of foam and spring and other materials that adds to the time for which the mattress is good.

Another thing that can define the length of the sturdiness of any mattress is the materials that are used while making the mattress. If the quality is good, the mattress will last for a longer time. Likewise, if poor grade materials are used while making a mattress, it will lose shape after a few months of sleeping on it.

It is always recommended that once the shape of the mattress becomes uneven it should be replaced with a new one. Apart from the making, the other thing that matters the most is the way it is being used. If they are not well-kept the mattresses can become unfit years before its meant to be.

Another thing that can influence the longevity of the mattresses is the weight of the person sleeping on them and also the sleeping patterns.

Various common mistakes can make the shelf life of a mattress lesser. Things like not rotating the mattress after some time, or if a mattress cover is not used, can ruin the mattress over time.


The majority of the mattresses these days can be used for more than five years on average. However, if the mattresses are kept clean and maintained, they can even last more than ten to fifteen years.

Mattresses last for even decades, it is also a reason why it so expensive. Often the more expensive the mattress, the more it will prove to be good for use in the long run. The more it lasts, the better sleep it can provide.


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