How Long Do Snapchat Stories Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Snapchat Stories Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

The Snapchat stories can last for around 24 hours or one day. Snapchat is an instant messaging application that people can use for various purposes. The Snapchat application can be a good way to click photos with some funny and interesting filters. Once the Snapchat user shares anything in the story, the friends can see it for only 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the story would get removed on its own. Sharing a story on Snapchat means, sharing it with all the friends together rather than posting it for a specific friend. The friends of the Snapchat users would be able to take screenshots of the stories. The friends of the Snapchat users can replay the story if required.

The Snapchat user would receive a notification if someone tries to take a screenshot of their story. The Snapchat users would not receive any type of notification or signs if anybody replay their stories. People can always control who is going to see their Snapchat stories by making changes in the Snapchat settings.

How Long Do Snapchat Stories Last

How Long Do Snapchat Stories Last?

Snapchat StoriesTime
In hours24 hours
In minutes1440 minutes

The stories given in Snapchat are mainly captured by the camera in the past 24 hours. People have to follow a few steps to give the story on Snapchat. Snapchat would give much instruction while someone tries to put a story. Then the person can click on the button provided on the left of the screen known as the story button to give the story.

Then the person will have to press the add button to make the story visible to others. Just like Instagram, Snapchat stories are also available for one day. The person can also delete the story given on Snapchat. For deleting the story in Snapchat, the person is supposed to click on the “My Story” icon. Then the person would be able to see the story.

After the story is visible to the person, then the person is supposed to click on the three dots present in the corner of the screen. These dots are used for deleting or making any changes to the stories. There the person can see the delete story option and can delete it permanently. People can also save the story if required by them.

As the story will disappear in just 24 hours. Therefore, the Snapchat user can save it in their gallery for a long time by following some steps. The person needs to click on the profile icon and there they will have to press the download button near the “My Story” icon. The person can save the stories in the gallery or to the memories in Snapchat.

Why Do Snapchat Stories Last This Long?

The Snapchat stories cannot last more than 24 hours as it is fixed. People can also check who has viewed their stories by clicking on the eye icon present on the screen. The eye icon would be only there till the story is visible to the people. The Snapchat users can view the story by clicking on the story button.

The Snapchat users can find the story by clicking on their friend’s user name. There they can see their stories. They can also see the story as it would come in a circular icon on the screen. The people can swipe left to see more stories given by other friends and the steps are almost similar to the Instagram story viewing process.

Instagram gives everyone the opportunity to create custom stories. The Snapchat users can use Snapchat lenses for creating the story in Snapchat.

People can use different Snapchat filters for making their stories more creative. Creating a Snapchat story would be very easy, but may take some time for the beginners to learn it. Doing everything correctly in Snapchat is quite vital, as people will get notifications about anything done to their snaps or stories.


The Snapchat users can put the story for around 24 hours, but not more than that. Snapchat doesn’t allow users to put stories for more than one day. Everyone can put any type of photo clicked by the phone as the Snapchat story. There are many modifications that can be done to Snapchat stories for keeping the privacy of people.


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