How Long After Banamine Can I Give Bute (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 12 hours

Bute is the brand name of the chemical phenylbutazone which is mainly prescribed by a veterinarian to horses. Besides being helpful for animals, they are even harmful with many side effects, especially for young and old horses. One of the most important thing which owners should remember is bute should never be administered along with any other medicine or herbs. Although it would reduce inflammation and pain in horses, it would also lead to delay in clotting and other such complications.

In cases where bute is administered, a thorough check-up and study of the history of the animal’s kidney and intestine should be done as these drugs have the potential to harm the animal by affecting those key organs. Death may even occur in some cases. It is easily available, cheap, and has been proven the most effective one as compared to others of its kind. Hence, it is administered to most animals either directly in the veins by intravenous injection or orally in the form of paste or powder.

How Long After Banamine Can I Give Bute

How Long After Banamine Can I Give Bute?

Minimum time10 hours
Maximum time12 hours

Bute is mainly used to help the animal get rid of pain and inflammation in his body. It shows its effect by inhibiting the activity of the main enzyme, cyclo-oxygenase responsible for being the catalyst to the reactions which lead to inflammation. In a controlled amount, the animal’s body requires this enzyme for the appropriate functioning of the kidney. It even assists the intestine in generating a protective covering around itself to protect from damage.

This evil compound needs to be activated in the animal’s body in a low amount to maintain the proper functioning of the body and assist in the process of healing of tissues and cells after injury. High doses of bute can prove detrimental for the body of the animal. It may lead to ulcers in various parts of the digestive system thereby leading to irreparable damage of the kidney and other organs. It can even hamper the functioning of the thyroid gland thereby leading to low generation of the cartilage of bones. It even delays the healing of bones and muscles.

Banamine Bute

Well, these aftereffects do not forbid the owner from easing the pain of his/her horse with bute. It should be used properly and only at times when it is really necessary. These are drugs that are used to reduce inflammation and hence should be used only for the time of requirement. Excess usage leads to such aftereffects. Instead of these drugs, one can also bandage the affected portion and give cold treatment to ease the pain of the animal.

Various alternatives can be used instead of bute. They are also known to provide relief to the animal without damaging their body. One can go for herbs like curcumin to reduce pain. One can even use ginger to reduce inflammation. These methods take time to show effects but have been proven as effective as bute in most cases.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Give Banamine After Bute?

Banamine is the brand name of the chemical which is used in horses for reducing anti-inflammation. It is mainly administered in the form of injections and starts showing its effects within three hours. It is not a steroid and can be used by the owners. But, the use of Banamine should be done only in extreme cases where it is necessary. Using it without the need would lead to problems and can lead to many other diseases. Hence, they should be taken only when prescribed by the doctor.

Besides reducing pain, inflammation it can even provide relief to the horse in cases of fever. Just like humans, they may even get high temperature sometimes during which they would not like to eat or drink. They would like to rest during this fever. Banamine has been known to play the role of paracetamol and other medicines which are used to reduce the temperature in humans. It even helps them enhance their appetite after fever and grow healthy.

Banamine Bute

Banamine generally relieves the horse of pain in the abdomen, thereby eliminating problems in the intestine. In some cases, it does not cure the colic of the root level but only cures it artificially. This may lead to the death of the horse. Hence, before administering the horse with Banamine, the owners should schedule an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as possible. The veterinarian would identify the real problem underlining the pain in the abdomen and would suggest Banamine, if necessary.

During abdominal pain, the horse should not be fed any food unless prescribed by the veterinarian. When the animal starts looking better, one can go for a minor test by giving a small amount of food. If proven successful, then the owner can feed the horse. The animal should be checked every 2-3 hours for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, if the animal still experiences pain and is unable to bear it, it should be taken to the veterinarian.


Both Bute, as well as Banamine, have been proven very effective in reducing pain. They have also helped the horse during inflammation and fever. But, the owner should have adequate knowledge about both the drugs and even about their dosages. When administered incorrect amount and at the correct time, it can help in improving the health of the horse. The owner should even consult the veterinarian whenever the horse feels uneasy and then act accordingly.

Banamine stays within the system of the horse for about 12-14 hours of consumption. But, both these drugs should not be administered in combination. They may affect the digestive system of the horse thereby leading to bad health. Both of them, being drugs would show their own effects which would contradict each other. Hence, one should talk to the veterinarian before giving any kind of drug to the animal.


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