How Long Does A Man Bun Take To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Time: 6 months

When a man makes a bun at top of his head, the bun is known as a topknot. There are many styles that a man can use to make a hair bun in which he can look as cool as he is. It is always being said a man does something for some reason. So keeping a bun tells that a man is enough positive, is able to confront gender prejudice, etc.

Bun growth is affected by some factors like genetics, medication, also stress, and anxiety (affects badly). If someone is suffering from any sort of disease then also bun growth gets affected. To make a bun actually, you need a minimum of six inches.

How Long Does A Man Bun Take To Grow

How Long Does A Man Bun Take To Grow

It depends on how much time you trim your hair in a month or a year. It causes hair loss when you tighten your hair and hence hair growth is affected. Many times genetics play the role in the proper growth of hair taking a good amount of time or less amount of time.

It is being found in a study that the growth of hair is half an inch per month. So, you have to wait for a long time for proper growth to make a bun with your hairs. If the growth of hair is good then you shouldn’t have to wait for a long period of time.

Hair takes only one full year to grow up to six inches. When you are having long hairs but you cut it very short, then it may take many years to grow back. The growth of hair of females is less than that of the growth of male hairs.

When you have done a bad hairstyle or cut, then the growth of the bun will be the same as that previously mentioned. Pattern hair loss is a permanent hair loss. Here, follicles are not capable of growing hair again. Also, hormonal changes also affect bun growth as they go towards their age. But here hair loss is temporary.

MethodsGrowth Of Hair
After Waxing/ShavingThree to six weeks
After ChemotherapyTwo to three weeks
After Telogen EffluviumAfter six months

Why Does It Takes So Long To Grow A Bun

Basically, there are some factors that affect the growth of hair:

As we know, our hair is made of a protein (fibrous protein) known as Keratin. It helps in the growth of hair longer and longer. So, we need to replenish our bodies with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. As all of them also help in developing immunity. The more we eat such a diet the faster will be the rate of growth of hair.

There is one word which is the hair follicle. It supports hair to the skin. If follicular growth is there then the growth of hair takes place. So, the more the growth of it, at more the rate the hair growth will take place. So less time is required.

The use of products like shampoo also affects the growth of hair. So using it with what type of hair you are having and the ingredients that are present should not harm your hair is to be used.  The use of oils also affects the growth of hair.

Maybe you are eating foods that are not good for your health so it can severely affect the growth of hair. If you don’t massage properly your scalp then your hair growth is not proper. If you use so much curler or dryer which directly affects your hair maybe your hair loss occurs with the improper rate of growth of hair. Dying your hair also reduces hair growth.


If your hair is smooth and healthy, then it tells us that proper bun growth is occurring. If you are using a rough towel or any drying gadget or washing hair with warm water then it will surely affect your hair so damaging it thoroughly. So, this is what you don’t want at all. So, be gentle with your hair.

Use shampoo as there are essential oils present in your hair, which help in hair growth and make the scalp as moisturized as also keeping it healthy. A good hair cut is essential to make good hair bun growth. To get a good bun you have to wait at least for 6 months. Discover and learn the process and what is good or bad for your bun growth.



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