How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two to Three Hours

The butt plug is a commonly used sex toy for recreational activities. As the name would suggest, the butt plug plugs the buttholes. They are somewhat conical in shape with their flattened base being flared out. The top of the butt plug is insertable into the buttholes and resembles a finger.

People use butt plugs mostly for pleasure and sexual experiences. The anus has a lot of sensitive nerve endings and these are instrumental to give the person a good feeling when stimulated by the butt plug. A butt plug helps a person to get ready for sex by stretching the anal muscles.

How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug

How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug?

Experience of UsersTime Used For
Amateur users1 to 2 Hours
Average users3 to 4 Hours
Expert users6 to 7 Hours

The type of users of the butt plug can be classified on the basis of their experience in toy usage. There are three groups of users, namely amateur users, average users, and expert users. These three groups of users have different comfort levels causing discomfort at different times related to the use of the toy which causes them to their time of use.

Amateur users are those users who have been introduced to sex toys recently and find it difficult to continue the use of the butt plug for long periods. These users do not know the correct ways of its use and as their body is not practiced to using the toy for long, they feel uncomfortable. Amateur users can use the butt plug for one to two hours continuously.

On the other hand, expert users are very comfortable with the use of the toy for long hours. Some people can even sleep while the butt plug is inserted into their buttholes. They can use the sex toy for 6 to 7 hours and sometimes, even more, improve their sex life.

However, most users around the globe cannot use it more such as long timeframes. Although they can for relatively long times than amateur users and can use the butt plug for nearly 3 to 4 hours. With practice and better knowledge of its functioning, they can use it for longer periods.

Why Can You Wear A Butt Plug For So Long?

The duration for which a person can wear the butt plug is affected by a number of key factors. The important factors are the type of butt plug used, whether it is lubricated or not and the quality of lubricants used. Moreover, the experience of the person in the usage of the toy is the most important determinant in the case.

If the person is a beginner, they would be lacking in terms of experience. They might not be even able to insert the whole butt plug at a time but rather need lubes and practice to do so. In such a case, even the thought of keeping it inserted for more than a couple of hours would be far-fetched.

However, some people tend to be experts with regard to its usage. Many people claim to have used it for more than ten hours, although even they admit to taking short breaks while using the bathroom. Nonetheless, with proper lubricants and the follow of instructions, it can be used for long periods.

The majority of users of the butt plug are not experts in its usage, although they can use it for enough time to get the subtle sensation. Although, after a certain period, almost every user feels discomfort and pain beyond which they cannot continue wearing the sex toy.


A butt plug is a great way to enhance sexual pleasure. It produces an exciting sensation without much effort. Most users of this sex toy can use it continuously for three to four hours, while amateur users can use it for one to two hours.

A person’s expertise in using butt long can help the person to use the toy for longer periods. Apart from that, the use of lubes and the quality of the butt plug used also play a part in determining how long the sex toy can be used.


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