How Long After Job Interview To Follow Up (And Why)?

How Long After Job Interview To Follow Up (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 Days Or A Week

Most people want to work in the corporate sector and it is not easy to get a job directly into a company. Companies have made strict policies about recruiting and selection processes so that they can get the best candidates thus helping the company grow and earn profits.

Students and freshers are asked to practice for interview sessions because interviews are likely to happen whenever you want to apply for a job at a company. Interviews are one of the basic and most common communication methods to understand the capabilities of the candidate by the employer.

How Long After Job Interview To Follow Up

How Long After Job Interview To Follow Up?

Candidates must waitAt least 10 days before they make a follow-up call.
The average time taken from interview to job2-4 weeks

The process from the first interview to the final placement takes a few weeks time. The employers have to carefully screen the candidates who have applied for the job. Employers do not want to make mistakes during this process because it could lead to a serious issue in the future.

A follow-up call is something that happens from the employee’s side or from the candidate’s point of view. This is when you have to call up your employer or the interviewer to ask about the status of your application after you have completed your first interview round.

This is something that needs to be done because the candidates may or may not be selected for the job and they should know about it. The rejected candidates could apply for other job posts till the time they get to know about their rejection. This will save time for both parties.

Follow Up

You, being the applicant for the post should know the status of your application soon after your initial phone interview. Ask your employer or interviewer for necessary details without being rude and then stand with whichever decision your employer makes.

In case, you have been rejected then you should ask your employer about the problem with your application. This will help you learn about your mistakes and you can work on them later on so that you can strengthen your weak areas.

Why Does It Take That Long After Job Interview To Follow Up?

Timings for a follow-up call could vary from one company to another but the average time taken should be about a week or about 10 days after an initial interview. Several companies will take responsibility for hiring their employees and will make a follow-up call by themselves which is a good thing.

Well, that might not be the case for every company and it should be your responsibility that you get to know about your interview status within a week or after waiting for 10 days. The process from the first interview to the final placement is a long one and you should be able to keep patience with the employers or with the interviewers.

You need to cooperate with them without feeling irritated because it is their job to make sure that they are hiring the right candidates. Also, it is important for you to know that whether the job will be suitable for you or not. If you feel that the job is something that you cannot handle in the future then it is best to let your employer know about your thoughts.

Follow Up

Enough time will be saved by you and also by your employer. Different companies will have different rules and policies about their hiring and recruitment process. So, it is best that you know about all those beforehand.


In the end, it is the job that you want and you have to give your best during the interview sessions. Make sure you know what are the things that you need to do during an interview and what are the things that you don’t need to do.

Candidates are rejected just because they do not have the proper knowledge about what to do during an interview. People are late for interviews which creates a negative impact on the candidate’s overall personality. These are some of the reasons why candidates are rejected right away after their initial interview.


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  1. Interviews are vital for candidates to understand the company’s expectations and prove their capabilities.

  2. The importance of knowing the status of your application cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to follow up properly to make informed decisions.

  3. It’s interesting to know how different companies have various rules and policies about hiring and recruitment.

  4. It’s important for companies to ensure they hire the right candidate, even if that takes time.

  5. It seems that being aware of the application status is not only a candidate’s right but also a smart strategy for saving time.

  6. The importance of knowing the status of your application cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to follow up properly to make informed decisions.

  7. While understanding the company’s process is vital, candidates should also focus on giving their best during the interviews to avoid rejections.

  8. How crucial it is for the candidates to understand the recruitment process of each company for a better application strategy.

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