How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge (And Why)?

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 8 weeks

Apples are delightful fruits that may stay longer than other fruits. Apples can stay up to 8 weeks in your refrigerator. Storing the apples properly would make the fruits stay longer than the expiry period. Expired apple condition will be visible by many signs. There are many other conditions and factors that affect how long do apples last in the fridge. Once the apples are expired, it’s not safe to eat the fruit.

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge

How Long Do Apples Last In The Fridge?

How the apple is storedShelf life
In the pantryUp to 3 weeks
On the counterUp to 7 days
In the fridgeUp to 6 weeks
Once the apple is cutUp to 5 days

The apples may stay fresh in your refrigerator for 5-8 weeks. There are many other factors that affect how many days this fruit would stay fresh to eat. Some of these factors are:

The Time Of Harvest- The time the fruit is harvested will impact the time the fruit would last. Similarly, for apples, it’s vital to note the time of harvesting to predict how long the fruit would stay fresh in your fridge.

Storage- The fruits would be fresh if you store the fruits in the fridge. Storing the fruits in cold temperatures would keep them fresh, delicious, and nutritious. You have to ensure the fruit is properly clean before storing the fruit in the fridge. Cleaning the fruit is another huge factor for keeping them fresh for a long time.

The way you keep the fruit in the fridge is also a vital component to determine how long do apples last. For example, the fruit will live longer, if you keep them without cutting in the fridge.

Quality of the fruit- There are different types of quality of fruits. The top quality or premium quality fruit is the best quality for the long survival of the fruit. There are low-quality fruits that will not stay for a long time. Choosing good and top-quality fruit is also important.

These are some of the most pivotal conditions and factors that affect the shelf life of apples. Don’t skip checking the fruit in a prominent manner before purchasing them.

Why Do Apples Last This Long In The Fridge?

Apples are not only nutrient-rich but blessed with long shelf life. Apples could be stored for a long time by following some storage conditions of the fruit. This fruit would be fresh in your fridge, as it needs cold temperature for extending its shelf life. Some apples may last more than 8 weeks, as it depends on the quality and storage of the fruits.

A balanced environment is vital to keep apples fresh for months. The atmosphere should be properly balanced with an adequate supply of oxygen, humidity, and carbon dioxide. Ethylene is the gas (colorless) produced by the apples. the ripening of the apples is mainly due to the emission of this colorless gas (Ethylene).

The fridge is the best place to pause (or slower) the emission of this ethylene colorless gas. You can say, by keeping the apples in the fridge your fruit will not ripe faster. You will be able to know once the apples get bad. The fresh apples are quite a fruit is smells with the crunch inside. The bad apples would develop many signs such as:

  • Bruising (soft spots)
  • Bland taste
  • Blemishes (brown or holes)
  • The texture becomes mushy

The physical condition of the apple would change with time. It’s not recommended to eat the apple, once they start getting bad with taste or appearance. You can follow the below-mentioned ways to get longer shelf life for the apples. These are:

  • Keep your apples unwashed in the fridge.
  • Don’t cut your apple while storing it in the fridge.
  • Wrapping each apple separately with bags (plastic bags) would prevent ethylene spread out.


The apples would be a great snacking option if you store them properly. You can’t predict a particular shelf life period for apples, as it varies for types of apples. Some apples get and in 4 weeks, while others may go fresh beyond 8 weeks. Note that the cool temperature is always favorable for increasing the shelf life of apples.

You should choose high-quality apples for enjoying the taste and claiming the nutrients.



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