How Long Do Border Collies Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 17 years

The dogs would be exceptionally good at physical activity as their energy level is always high. The dogs would be obedient to their master, and this makes them a good pet option. The Border Collies will survive up to 17 years as this is their average lifespan. There are many factors that affect the lifespan of Border Collies.

The sporty nature of Border Collies would make him survive long. The physical fitness of border collies is a great reason for their long survival. The size of Border Collies is large mostly similar to the other breeds such as the German Shepherd. The health, lifestyle, and activities of Border Collies could influence their lifespan.

How Long Do Border Collies Live

How Long Do Border Collies Live?

Border Collies (Lifespan)How Long Do Border Collies Live
Minimum lifespan10 years
Maximum lifespan17 years

The lifespan of border collies would end on the way they live their life. Border collies are extremely active dogs and they need physical activity on a daily basis. People can’t expect the border collies to stay in a close place for the whole day. This would get down their energy level.

The owner of Border Collies needs to interact with them for keeping their fitness level on the top. The dog needs good food and should follow the proper diet as per their requirements. If the owner will not interact with the Border Collies for a long time, then it may bring trouble to their health. Feeding the dogs something that they don’t need would make them unhealthy.

Just like humans, animals need nutrients to survive and stay healthy for a long time. The owner can talk to the vet for getting the diet chart for their dogs. The lifespan of the Border Collies will decrease with some health disorders. Some health problems such as PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and Collie eye are very common in Border Collies.

For keeping your dogs safe for a long time, the owners can get these diseases treated in the initial phases. There are many other diseases seen in Border Collies that will decrease and affect their lifespan. Regular medical check-ups can help in maintaining the health of the Border Collies. This regular check-up would make the owner know more about the health of their dogs.

Why Do Border Collies Live This Long?

The life of Border Collies is not predictable as they catch many diseases. Border Collies may get diseases that would decrease the health of the god. A healthy Border Collies with no diseases would live longer compared to the unhealthy Border Collies. The Border Collies need good food to get all the nutrients they need.

If the wonder would not feel the required amount of food to the dog, then they will die soon. The comfortable environment is a great reason for the long survival of the dog. The dog needs a good and safe environment. The dogs always look for security from their owner. If the dog would not feel secure, then they may not be happy at the place.

A comfortable and happy environment would make the dog survive long, as they would be active in the place. Some breeds of dogs are extremely sensitive and may react to an unsafe place. Therefore, it’s vital for the owner to know what kind of place the dog want. People can see the signs of unhappiness from the acts of dogs.

A cheerful dog would play and be active all the time. An unhappy dog would sit alone without participating in anything. Being happy would be a big weapon for every dog to live more than the life expectancy.


The Border Collies could live longer if you take care of them. Border Collies need human interaction and communication. Spending some time with the dog would have a positive impact on the dog. Avoid using any kind of chemical and harmful substance for the dog. Keeping the dog far from artificial things and unhealthy food would increase the lifespan of the dog.


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