How Long Do Box Braids Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Box Braids Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 weeks

Everyone can maintain the box braids for around 6 weeks. The person is supposed to take the box braids in a different manner. Many people do box braids for protecting their hair from damage while some do it as a symbol of power and wealth. The type of hair the person has would make a huge influence on how long the box braids would last.

Some people may find it difficult to keep the box braids for more than 2 weeks. As the dirt and oil in the hair would make the box braids turn very oily. The chances of scalp infection may also increase if you won’t wash the hair for a long time.

People who have issues with dandruff would not be able to keep the box braids for more than 4 to 5 days. There are many hair care preparation which is supposed to be done before doing the box braids.

How Long Do Box Braids Last

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

Box BraidsTime
In weeks6 weeks
In days42 days

The longevity of the box braids would be affected by the below-mentioned factors. These includes:

Hair growth- The hair growth speed would play a huge role in determining how long the box braids would last. If the hair growth is very slow in someone, then the box braids would last for around 6 weeks. People with very fast hair growth will see the braids going quickly due to the increased length of hair.

People with slow hair growth should avoid doing box braids very frequently as it will prevent the growth of hair. The person should give a gap of one or two months to the hair without making box braids.

Type of box braids- The box braids are prepared using different hairstyling methods. The person can make both loose and tight box braids. The loose box braids would not last long as the lock would start becoming loose in a few days. If someone wants to keep the box braids for a long time, then do make it tight.

Haircare- The most important thing is to maintain the hair care routine. Using good products that would be healthy for the hair and scalp is vital. There are many live-in conditioners available in the market that everyone should use. Using scalp oil would help in preventing dehydration of the scalp.

Everyone should use hair wraps for giving extra protection to the box braids while doing any activity that may damage the braids.

Why Do Box Braids Last This Long?

The box braids would be good hairstyling that helps in accessing the area of the scalp. In the box braids, the locks are made using smaller sections of hair. Everyone should moisturize their braids and scalp to make them last longer. Washing the scalp and hair using the correct technique is vital.

The people with less hair will see the box braids last very long as they will ask for less maintenance. There are many shampoos coming for washing the hair with very little complication. Generally, it’s not recommended to wash the hair with heavy pressure, but do it with gentle hands.

There are many types of dry shampoos available in the market that people can use to make their hair look less oily. Everyone can use braid sprays to keep the braids lasting longer. A little amount of water with some oils would be a great choice to maintain the hydration of hair and scalp.

Washing the hair would help in keeping it free from bacterial infection and any other dirt present in the hair or scalp.


The duration of box braids depends on how the person takes care of the scalp and braids. If the scalp would get dirty it would start affecting the braids. The bacterial growth can spread many infections that would not allow the hairstyle to last for more than a few days.

Doing night care and touch-ups would help in maintaining the box braids for around 6 weeks. Everyone can use anti-itch oils if they are facing any problems of itching after making box braids.


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