How Long Do Braids Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Braids Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 8 weeks

Braids are a great way to reduce the hair loss happening to women mainly during summer. Many women do braids and twisted hairstyles to protect hair from heat damage. Braids are also known for increasing length retention. The braids can last for more than 2 weeks if they care properly.

Some people think that cleansing the hair will affect the braids. The person should cleanse the hair at least once in 2 weeks to prevent scalp issues. Sweating is a huge problem that can affect your hair quality and scalp health. Therefore, keeping the hair unwashed for more than 2 weeks would cause hair loss and damage.

The use of shampoo, masks, and conditions should be done according to the requirement. There are many shampoos that support the health of hair and would make the braids last long.

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How Long Do Braids Last?

Minimum time2 weeks
Maximum time8 weeks

The person is supposed to follow the below-mentioned steps for keeping the braids last longer:
Prepare the hair- Maintaining the hair before making the braids is vital. The braids would prevent any damage done to the hair, but making them correct is essential. The braids should be very tight, as they can affect circulation. Before someone does braids, the person is supposed to wash or cleanse the hair before doing the braids.

Moisturising is a very important step that no one should skip before making the braids. Masking should be done to avoid frizzy hair and to keep the braid last long. All these steps are to be done as the pre-treatment for healthy hair and long-lasting braids.

In summers managing the braids for a long time would be quite difficult, as some people sweat excessively. Sweating would make the hair smell really bad. Therefore, the braids may not last for more than 2 weeks or 1 week for some people.

Washing the braids- To avoid dirt and sweat, the person is supposed to wash the hair. The person should use a special technique for washing the hair with braids. Use the clarifying shampoo available in the market for the hair. These shampoos are known for preventing frizzy hair and would make it healthier.

Take the required amount of shampoos on your scalp and do the movement vertically to wash the hair. Take a very less amount of conditioner depending on the hair length on your hand and apply only to the end of the hair. Using excess shampoo or conditioner would disturb the braids completely and would make the hair extremely frizzy.
Hot Oil Treatment- the person is supposed to do an oil treatment therapy after the washing of the hair is complete. After washing the scalp may get dehydrated and hot oil treatment would help in hydrating the scalp.

The dehydration of the scalp would cause stress on the scalp which would go after the hot oil treatment.

Why Do Braids Last This Long?

The braids would last long if they are cared for properly. The preparation of hair should be done strictly to allow the braids to stay in good condition for 2 to 8 weeks. Everyone should dry the wet hair using a dryer before making braids. Making braids on damp or wet hair would cause them to not last long and would start making the hair smell bad.

Using astringents would help in maintaining the hair styling done to the hair. Using astringents would increase the lasting period of braids by removing any dirt or sweat present on the scalp. Nobody should do the braids just because it looks good. Your hair and scalp should be comfortable with the styling you are doing.

Sometimes, making braids will add extra weight to the head of the person. This would cause stress and tension to the person’s scalp. Once you feel that the braids are not giving a good comfortable feeling to the hair or scalp, they do remove it to prevent any repercussions.


The braids would not last for more than 8 weeks. The winters are good months for making the braids last long, but dandruff can cause itching of the scalp. Once the person feels the scalp start itching or smelling bad, then removing the braids and washing the hair is vital.

As you never know when your scalp would start hosting bacteria due to sweats, dirt, dandruff, and other harmful particles present in the environment.



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