How Long Do Birds Sleep (And Why)?

How Long Do Birds Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 13 hours

The sleep window in birds would not be the same for all the birds. Some birds may sleep for 13 hours while others for 12 hours. The birds may sleep when they have no other thing to do in life. Most of the birds sleep at night as the darkness will not allow the movement of birds. Sometimes, the bird will sleep due to lack of energy or need rest.

The sleeping position and place for all the birds would not be the same. Some birds love to sleep on the tree trunks while others love to sleep high in the sky. Some birds like parrots, sleep in a hanging position. Some birds sleep in day time while others at the night. The bird’s sleep may get affected depending on when they prefer doing the activities.

How Long Do Birds Sleep

How Long Do Birds Sleep?

Birds SleepTime
In hours13 hours
In minutes780 minutes

The sleeping patterns of the birds would be different according to their preferences. For example, the sleeping pattern of parrots is that they sleep for around 12 hours. It means you will see the parrots awake for around 12 hours. The sleeping pattern of the birds would depend on what type of bird they are.

The habits of the birds would get affected by the regions they live in. Birds who live far away from the equatorial regions would sleep for less time during the summer months. This means these birds would have a long sleeping period during the winter seasons.

The temperature and environment of the place would affect the sleep of the birds. Some birds love to sleep in cold climatic conditions. Hot temperatures will not allow them to sleep for a long time. If someone shifts the birds to another place, then this may disturb their sleep cycle. The bird needs to be comfortable while sleeping.

If the birds are not comfortable in their surroundings, then it would cause them to have sleep hours for very little time. The interaction time of the birds would affect the sleep cycle. Some birds prefer interaction in the evening, such as parrots. The crow can sleep in a standing position and would sleep around 8 to 10 hours.

The sleep period of the pigeons is around 10 to 12 hours and they prefer sleeping at night. Owls sleep during the daytime and would be active at the night. The owls can sleep for around 12 hours or more depending on their preferences.

Why Do Birds Sleep For This Long?

The sleeping time of the birds depends on the environment, climatic condition, energy level, and habits. Most of the birds follow the same habits for their sleep cycle. Sometimes, the birds may sleep if they find no food or are low on energy.  There are some birds that sleep close to the water such as shorebirds.

The birds would sleep for a long duration if they found their comfortable space. A water bird can’t feel comfortable sleeping in a hot temperature place. Similarly, an owl can’t be found near the water areas. Illness is another problem that would affect the sleep of the birds.

Some birds may sleep for a long time if they are not feeling good or have any severe illness. The birds are known for their active and energetic behavior. If someone observes the bird is sleeping for more than 14 to 16 hours, then it may be a sign of a health disorder.


The sleeping window of a bird is affected by its health condition, way of living, and preferences. The birds can be very moody when it comes to sleeping space. Many birds would not be able to survive if they are taken to an environment where they can’t be comfortable. Giving all the birds good food and water is vital for keeping them healthy.

Birds with good health will not sleep for a long time as their energy level would be very high.


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