How Long Do Box Springs Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Box Springs Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 To 10 Years

Box Spring comes under the category of a bed base which consists of a sturdy wooden frame wrapped up in a cloth and containing springs. A soft mattress of the same size is placed on the top of the Box Spring, while the Box Spring sits on the top of a bed frame either made up of wood or metal. The combination of Box Spring and Mattress makes up a bed that can be used for various household purposes.

Box Springs are widely used in different parts of North America and Western Europe. Box Springs is mostly used by people who travel a lot from one place to another as Box Springs are very easy to carry.

How Long Do Box Springs Last

How Long Do Box Springs Last?

Mattresses need some support underneath them and Box Spring is a great option for that as it helps in creating a very suitable foundation for the mattress. A Box Spring which has a good shape helps a person in sleeping comfortably and also prevents the mattress from breaking down prematurely. But as time passes by the Box Spring starts to wear and tear out and it is required to replace the Box Spring with a new one.

The longevity of a Box Spring depends mostly on the quality of the Box Spring but maintenance also plays a vital role in deciding the life of a Box Spring. Box Springs which are of a very low quality lasts for 4-5 years. On the other hand, Box Spring of good quality when maintained properly can last for more than 15 years. On average, Box Springs are good enough to use for about 8-10 years.

Components of Box SpringLifetime Of The Component
Wooden FramesLasts a lifetime
SpringsLasts for about 10-12 years
Steel GridDeteriorates in about 8-10 years
Felt CoverWears out in 1-2 years and needs replacement

Box Springs consists of four major components. Wooden Frames are mostly made up of hardwood which lasts for a lifetime. Springs that are used to support the body last for approximately a decade or so. Steel Grid helps in supporting the mattress and deteriorates in about 8 years. Bending of steel grid results in uneven distribution of weight and immediate replacement is advised. Felt Cover is made up of lightweight linen and acts as a dirt and dust barrier and needs replacement in a couple of years.

Why Do Box Springs Last That Long?

Box Springs lasts that long because it serves multiple purposes while in use. Box Spring helps in raising the height of the mattress, which makes it quite easy to get the mattress in and out of the bed. Box Spring also creates a very flat and firm structure on which the mattress can lie down easily. Box Spring also helps in providing ventilation and allows the body moisture to escape easily. Not only this, but Box Spring also absorbs shock and helps in reducing the wear of the mattress.

There is a variety of Box Springs available in the market. The most commonly used Box Spring is the Standard Box Spring which is about 8-9 inches high. Low Profile Box Springs are also widely used and are about half the height of Standard Box Springs ranging from 4-4.5 inches. Ultra-Low Box Springs are the smallest and are only 1.5-2 inches high. Ultra-Low Box Springs are not very popular in terms of usage.


On average, it can be concluded that a Box Spring lasts for about 8-10 years. The lifetime of a Box Spring is decided by various factors namely the quality of the materials used in making the Box Spring and also on how the different components of the Box Spring are maintained. Box Springs are popularly used all around the globe as it is very easy to carry and use a Box Spring. Box Spring supports the back alignment which gives a very comfortable sleep.


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  1. The fact that Box Springs are easy to carry around is definitely an advantage and should be considered when purchasing.

  2. the different types and heights of Box Springs available provide useful information for potential buyers.

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