How Long to Wait After Ghosting (And why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Days

Today when technology has become so accessible to everyone, WIFI and internet connections can be found everywhere. People have started living in the virtual world of communication, from schools and colleges sharing notices to friends’ groups on various platforms like WhatsApp.

Unlike actual work, people can be blocked and even avoided in the virtual world. Leaving someone on reading or opening their texts and not replying is considered ghosting and has become the new cool in social media.

Often, a person may feel pressure on themselves, and replying after being ghosted can be a little uncomfortable for the people.

How Long to Wait After Ghosting

How Long to Wait After Ghosting?

Ghosting can be a very spontaneous response or, over time, reaction to someone’s text. Spontaneous ghosting can be considered as receiving a message from unknown or shady people where people prefer to block them.

But over time, ghosting can occur when two people start talking and may become close via texting and may share all the things like photos, videos, and memes. One may begin to feel that the other party is not behaving or respecting their boundary or any other reason, then the person starts ignoring their text and calls. This can be considered ghosting over some time.

Many things can step after the ghosting process from the ghoster (the person who stopped replying).

One of them is the haunting process; just like the meaning, the actual behavior can also be described as the same when people unblock the ghostee (the one who stopped getting a reply), and the ghost starts to set their foot back in their life. The acts are liking pictures on social media or sharing memes, or a sluggish attempt.

The other process can be submarining when the ghoster completely steps back into the life of the ghostee. That is the act of calling, texting back normal and may not cause trouble in other people’s lives. These kinds of people are considered genuine since they realize their mistakes and apologize for ghosting or ignoring the person.

FactorsSuitable Time
Time (General)5 Days
Mutual Friends1 Week
Spontaneous3 Days

Why Does it Take so Long to Text After the Ghosting?

Many factors have to be considered by the person who got ghosted since texting someone after ghosting can create an imperfect environment. Those factors are- a type of ghosting, time, and mutual friends’ status.

If the ghosting by your side was a spontaneous one, then the time should be less, the reason being giving less time to the person for thinking they were ghosted and not ruining the situation; less time is the key to normalcy.

But if the ghosting took place over time, then the time can be increased since the person will be ready to understand your point of view or completely let everything sink and start on a new page.

Time is the most dominating factor if you got ghosted and then you reply within a few days or max a week is still considered normal since you want to mend the left talks and discussion and the other person may feel the same and maybe ready to fix the ways.


But if you try to contact the person after months of getting ghosted, you may seem needy and self-centered in that person’s perspective even if your thought and point of view are clean.

The mutual status between both parties is essential mutual. Having familiar friends or being a part of the standard group, if both parties are joint and share friends, it is necessary for both the people to talk and clear out things or affect all the group members.

But if both the people don’t share any mutual status or a familiar group, then the time can depend on the person or the situation the last conversation took place between them.


Ghosting in the real world can be described as a sudden drop of all communication and talks between two people for a specific reason; ghosting occurs in a virtual place.

Many phases occur after the ghosting process where the ghoster reacts to the situation that can be haunting or lazy attempts to come back or step back in someone else life.

Or there can be a complete opposite situation called submarining is an honest attempt to come back in someone’s life where both the parties talk and clear out all the things that happened between both.

 There are other factors to consider before taking after getting ghosted. Those are the type of ghosting, time, and mutual friends’ status.




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