How Long Do Boxers Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Boxers Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 12 years

The breed Boxers belongs to Germany. These are between medium to large in size. The dog would have short hair with a wild look. Boxers would live up to 12 years. There may be some cases where the boxers live more than 12 years. There are many conditions that influence the life span of boxers. The breed of dog would be extremely powerful.
It may be the jaw of a boxer or, the bite both are equally powerful. The male boxers are taller as compared to the female boxers. The boxers could be recognized by their unique head appreciable. The appearance of their head is very strong and powerful. The boxers look dangerous, and many people can get easily scared.

How Long Do Boxers Live

How Long Do Boxers Live?

Boxers (Gender)Average Lifespan
Male boxerUp to 12 years
Female BoxersUp to 12 years

The lifespan of boxers would be around 12 years. It is believed that a large breed of dogs would have a shorter lifespan. The boxers may die because of cancer. The boxers would die early as there is a high chance of cancer in their breed. The temperament of the boxers is astounding. The dog would be extremely faithful and loving towards its master.
You can help your dog by giving proper nutrition and care to him. In today’s world, people love having a dog in their home, but they may forget to take care of the dog. You have to ensure certain things and fulfill conditions to help your pets. The pets need an extreme level of care, as they are just like humans. they need affection and a comfortable environment to survive.
The diseases of cancer are very commonly seen in boxers, and you may help them for surviving the diseases. It’s not sure that your dog could be cured of diseases, but you try. Giving your dog the required nutrition would keep him healthy both inside and out. You can take your dog for a medical check at every interval.

Medical checkups are the best way to detect any type of disease in your dog.

Why Do Boxers Live This Long?

There are some breeds of dogs that catch diseases easily. Boxers are one of the breeds of dogs who can become the victim of cancer. The boxers need to be in their comfort zone. They need humans to interact and play with them. Lack of care and health could turn out to be a reason for the death of boxers. You can save your pet by giving them what they want.

There may be some other reasons behind the death of boxers. Some dogs may die due to an uncomfortable environment. The dog needs a cherishing and happy environment to survive. Boxers are very active dogs with good energy levels. You need to keep them active to encourage their lifestyle. The boxers are very good with children, as they love to play.

If you will leave the boxer in a silent place with no interaction at all. Then the condition of the boxer would start getting down. To make your boxer live long, you have to ensure he is active all the time. The dogs need to eat food that will add benefits to their health. The vet would be the best person to suggest to you the diet your boxer has to follow.

You should keep a track of all the vaccines and medications (supplements) required for your pet.


The lifespan of boxers is not the same for all types of boxers. The owner may lose their dogs at an early age due to disease. The boxers may not live more than 15 years. There are some boxers that live more than 13 years and up to 15 years. The owner can take several precautions to help their dog to live long. The boxers are extremely courageous dogs with different levels of energy.


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