How Long Do Cats Live Indoors (And Why)?

How Long Do Cats Live Indoors (And Why)?

Exact answer: Up to 20 years

Cats can live up to 20 years if you take proper care of them. The life span of cats is quite difficult to predict, as it depends on good nutrition and care. Another huge factor that predicts how long do cats live indoors is the type of cat you are having. Your cat can live a long life if you support your cat in every factor that affects the life expectancy of a cat. There are some cats that may die at a very early age, and some may live longer than their life expectancy.

Scientifically, we can predict the average age a particular group of cats will survive indoors. Generally, the cats can survive up to 20 years indoors, if all their requirements are fulfilled on time.

How Long Do Cats Live Indoors

How Long Do Cats Live Indoors?

Types of CatTime
Scottish FoldUp to 14 years
BurmeseUp to 15 years (or more)
SiameseUp to 20 years
HimalayanUp to 15 years
Devon RexUp to 13 years

You should always keep your cats indoors for better security and protection. Indoor is the best place for any house cat to stay out of any danger or harmful substance. Many owners choose house cats, as they want to keep their cats inside (indoor) to make them survive longer. There are many other aspects and factors that affect your cat’s life. For increasing their lifespan, you must keep the following points in your mind:

Nutrition- Proper diet or good food is vital for humans and animals. Giving good food (As per requirement) to your cat would keep your cat free from diseases and would maintain the health of your cat. You should always consult the vet for listing out all the healthy foods required for your cat’s health.

Proper Care- A cat’s owner should always make sure that the cat is having the best of its life. You should check up on your cat if your cat is doing well or not. Interacting with your cat and feeding them on time, are some of the most important things to take care of. Keep your cats active by interacting and playing with them. The lifespan of your cats mainly depends on how much care you take of them.

Medical Check-Up- Your cat needs good care along with a routine medical check-up. Sometimes, there would be many hidden diseases and health problems of your cat. Therefore, a routine medical check-up is always a good way to treat any diseases in your cat.
Outdoors cats may not survive longer than indoor cats. Most of the folks prefer indoor cats to keep inside their house, as they require no outside environment to stay. Outdoor cats are always in search of the nature and outside environment. You can expect an outdoor act to survive for a longer time, as they get no attention sometimes. This is another reason why people are not fond of keeping outdoor cats as their pets.

Why Do Cats Live Indoors For This Long?

The life expectancy of any cat living indoors would depend on the type of lifestyle the cat would have. You can’t say only an indoor cat would always survive longer, but sometimes, the outdoor cat would live long. The type of lifestyle indoor cats have, is the main reason why they live so long. The indoor cats get all the facilities required for building their health. A cat with less or no diseases would overcome many health challenges, as compared to the cats not getting proper care.

The cats that live with humans are more affectionate and mentally healthy, as compared to the cats not having any company. All these factors are also pivotal for determining how long a cat can live indoors. A cat with a physical and mental fitness would survive for more years inside the house. Indoors cats also need to be healthy, as the main concern is healthy always. To make them survive long, the key formula is to keep your cats healthy and fit.


The environment you provide to your cat should be comfortable for survival. The more the cat gets comfortable in the environment, the chances of survival increase always. Food and health checkups are the basic requirements of cats. Keeping your pets away from the outside environment would help if they start enjoying the environment. For a cat, a proper lifestyle with good nutrition would be important.



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