How Long Do House Cats Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 17 years

House Cats can live up to 17 years. All the credit goes to proper diet and cares for the house cats. For every animal, good nutrition is vital for a long and healthy life. There are many animals that die at a very early age due to not getting sufficient nutrition. Not only nutrition, but the indoor cats get more comfort in the house, as compared to outdoor cats. Indoor cats (or house cats) are always treated in a better way, as compared to outdoor cats.

The house cats get a good environment, food, company, and care. Generally, the life span of house cats may vary from 13 to 17 years, but you can always stretch it by giving the best care to your cats.

How Long Do House Cats Live

How Long Do House Cats Live?

Names of the catsHow long do house cats live
SiameseUp to 20 years
CalicoUp to 15 years
BengalUp to 16 years
BurmeseUp to 18 years
SavannahUp to 20 years
RagdollUp to 18 years
Russian BlueUp to 20 years
American ShorthairUp to 20 years
SphynxUp to 15 years
ManxUp to 14 years

It’s definitely good news for cat lovers, as your house cats would live longer compared to outdoor cats. Just like humans, cats require equal efforts for their health. You can say, house cats are just like humans. The more you will take care of your cats, the more they will live. Sometimes, house cats die before their old age. This may happen due to lack of care or any other health issues.

There are many factors that determine how long do house cats live. Some of these are listed below:

Routine Medical care- You may not see your pets complaining about their health. Cats will not say about anything bad appending to their health, but you can always check that with routine medical care. Routine medical care in proper intervals will allow your pets to stay healthy for a long time. The doctors would get to know if there is anything wrong with your pets at the initial stage. Treating any health problems at the early stage is always great for avoiding the repercussions.

The vet may ask for some tests for your pet. Routine care would be good for your cat’s life span, as it will help in determining any kind of problems your pet may have.

Diet- A diet with all the required nutrients, will be the best diet for your cat. An ideal diet is pivotal that will predict the life expectancy of your pet. Before deciding on an ideal diet for your cat, make sure to discuss the diet plan with the vet. As there are many options for ideal diets are available, so your vet is the right person to suggest an exceptionally good diet for your cat.

Exercise- Another most vital factor to predict how long your cat can live is Exercise. An active cat would live longer than a lazy cat, it is a true statement. You should always spend a good time with your cat to interact with them. Interacting with cats will make them more active to catch instructions. It’s true that house cats can’t do a lot of physical activities, but they can try some of the easiest activities. You can make them walk into your house, and play with some toys.

Don’t make them feel bored- You have to prevent your cats from getting more. As boredom would reduce the energy level and activeness of your cats. therefore, you have to keep them happy and active all the time.

How Do Cats Live This Long?

The life of cats is god-gifted, but you can always make your cat live longer than expected. The life span of acts is sometimes unpredictable, as it depends on many factors. Also, the type of cat you will have make another factor for its life span. The cat’s breed is a very important point to be taken into consideration before determining the life expectancy of any cat. For example, a Siamese can be alive up to 20 years, but Calico will survive a maximum of 15 years.

There are some exceptional cats that even live more than the expected life span. Cats can live longer if you take proper care of them. Therefore, it’s a herculean thing to say how long a cat can survive, as we can only predict the life expectancy.


You can increase the life span of your cat by giving them the best life. Just like humans, cats deserve equal care and food. Giving them all the acre with nutrition will build their health to survive for a longer time.



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