How Long Do Cornrows Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Cornrows Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 – 8 Weeks

Cornrow is a type of plaiting, braiding, or styling one’s hair in such a way that it forms narrow braided strips which can then be arranged to form various geometric patterns on the scalp of a person. This type of hairstyling is particularly common among African people.

Thus, in simpler words means when one’s hair strands are twisted in thin rows with other strands of hair, close to the head or scalp of the person, these braided hair strands are called cornrows. As this is a type of hairstyle, it would not stay as it is forever and hence does not last for too long.


How Long Do Cornrows Last?

Duration for which cornrows can last2 – 8 weeks
Duration to make cornrowsApproximately 5 hours

Cornrows, which is a traditional hairstyle mainly adorned by Africans has become a fad these days. One can observe people belonging to different regions of the world styling their natural hair in cornrows to have a stylish and trendy look.

This hairstyle is very well suited to curly hair as it provides the hair strands protection and also helps facilitate easy and restorative growth of hair. Cornrows are quite easy to maintain. Once the hair is styled into cornrows, one can keep them as it is for weeks.

Although one can keep the hair in cornrows for about 2 to 8 weeks, care must be taken to ensure that the hair is carefully washed and the natural oiling of the scalp is well received by the hair. This style can be worn by any gender and thus helps in breaking gender barriers as it is not specifically suited to only one gender.

However, braiding, plaiting, or weaving one’s hair in cornrows is a time-consuming process. Also, sufficient preparation is needed for the cornrows to last for several weeks. Thus, it could take about 5 – 8 hours depending upon the texture and volume of one’s hair to be weaved in cornrows. This duration and further vary as per the quantity and width of the cornrow braids.

Why Do Cornrows Last This Long?

The duration for which any hairstyle can last depends to a large extent on the style and texture of one’s hair, the lifestyle one lives in his or her day-to-day life, and also on how well can one take care of their hair while it is styled. As cornrows are a type of protective styling of hair, one needs to ensure that it is well taken care of.

Also, the hair stands can never stay in the same style for too long. It could lead to tangling of the hair which would then eventually lead to breakage. Hence, cornrows can last for about 2 – 8 weeks depending on one’s preference.

This protective hairstyle which also promotes hair growth is easily manageable once proper care of the hair is taken. The duration of how long the cornrows will last would ultimately depend on the size and nature of the cornrow braids.

If one is well aware of the care to be taken for cornrows and ensures that proper hair care routine is thoroughly followed, this hairstyle can last for a minimum of 2 weeks but can also be made to last for up to 8 weeks. However, cornrows should be kept for a maximum of 6 weeks to maintain the trendy look.

Cornrows last long on natural hair as when it is prepared on hair that is strong and durable like the natural hair, it helps the cornrows to remain neat and gives a tidy look to the person sporting cornrows.

It is essential that one properly moisturize their cornrows regularly to prevent them from drying up. A dried-up scalp will not only be itchy but would also invite dandruff. Thus, it is of absolute importance that proper haircare and hygiene are maintained when one is planning to keep their cornrows for weeks.


One of the most popular and timeless hairstyles is cornrows. This is widely renowned for being an African hairstyle but is now being adopted by people belonging to all races and ethnicity. It is even suitable for both genders.

Generally, two to eight weeks is the period for which cornrows can last with proper management. However, it is imperative that one keep the scalp clean and moisturized to prevent any hair-related issues like itchy scalp, dandruff, etc while keeping the cornrows for as it is several weeks.



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