How Long Do Crowlers Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Crowlers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

Crowlers are huge cans that are used for keeping various types of beers. It is 32-ounce in size and is made of aluminum metal. It helps in displaying beers to the prospective drinkers until they decide which beer to choose from the variety present with the bartender.

These are similar to growlers which means a container bought by a customer to drink beer from. One of the major difference growlers and these are the material with which they are made. Crowlers are made up of aluminum as they are in the form of cans, while a growler can be made up of glass, ceramic, or even stainless steel.

This type of beer-containing vessel is sold at local breweries and brewpubs to enable people to avail their beer without any hassle. It makes selling take-out craft beer easy.

How Long Do Crowlers Last

How Long Do Crowlers Last?

The duration for which beer lasts in a Crowler1 month
The duration for which beer lasts in a growler3 days

Crowlers can be defined as the newest innovation in the beer market. One can fill beer in it like the way one normally does but requires a special kind of machine to cap it. It is comparatively huge, slightly under a liter but twice the size of a regular-sized beer can.

Crowlers can store in them approximately two pints of beer. Thus, it is a beer transportation device that assists in the seamless movement of beer from one place to another. It is one of the best-sized portable beer vessel options that is preferred by the majority of beer drinkers.

These beer vessels are intended for single-use and thus can be recycled after one is done with enjoying their favorite beer. Thus, one need not carry it everywhere and every time for goes to a pub to have their drink. These can be refilled easily but one would require a Crowler sealing machine to cap it.

The aluminum packaging of these cans helps in keeping beers fresh and tasty for a comparatively long duration in comparison to other vessels. It blocks sunlight and prevents oxygen from mixing with the beer. this helps in maintaining the taste of the drink and undesirable flavors are prevented from developing.

Thus, Crowlers help in offering drinkers an extended shelf-life for their beers of about a month whereas a regular growler can keep the beer fresh for along about a few days.

Why Do Crowlers Last This Long?

Crowlers can be considered superior to growlers in plenty of ways. Firstly they can be easily transported from one place to another without any risk of glass cracking like in the case of a growler. Thus, it can be easily sent via mail to any person whether a friend or relative. It also helps in keeping the beer fresh longer than a typical growler.

Crowlers can make the beer last for about a week as the oxygen inside the can is all plugged out while filling the can with the drink. After filling, these cans are tightly filled and thus, they last longer.

Due to its quality of not being refilled, one can buy a new can of beer after the previous one is opened. The charges are lower than a glass growler.

One might say that the beer becomes flat before it is received by the customer. However, due to the longevity of the vessel, Crowlers are not influenced easily by sunlight and oxygen Also, aluminum as a metal is a durable material that helps in facilitating better transportation and shipping.


Crowlers are convenient to carry and transport hence are in use in today’s time. One is not required to carry their glass or ceramic glass wherever way goes for having a beer. Crowlers have solved this problem by serving as a low-cost can that is highly portable and can also be recycled.

Growler keeps the beer fresh only for 3 days as later this period, the oxygen and sunlight might spoil the drink. However, this is not the case with Crowlers as they can help in keeping the beer consumable for about a month. One can also travel easily with them as they are not made up of delicate materials like glass which are susceptible to breakage.

Thus, Crowlers are undoubtedly an excellent invention for preserving and storing beers in a cool and dry area, not directly under the sunlight.


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