How Long Cat Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 Hours

The cat is a domestic species of a small carnivorous animal. The cats are the only species that are domesticated in the family of Felidae, and the cats domesticated are called domestic cats which are different from the wild members of the family. The cats are classified in many forms like a house cat, farm cat and feral cat the latter range freely which completely avoids human contact. The domestic cats are kept by humans as their companion and their ability to hunt rodents. There are about 60 breeds of cats that are registered in the cat’s record.

How Long Cat Sleep

How Long Cat Sleep?

The cats have similar anatomy to other field animals. It has a strong body, show quick reflexes, sharp teeth, retractable claw which are for killing small prey like rats. They have certain skills also like night vision and a good sense of smell. The cats also have some communication techniques like dogs and humans which include vocalizations like meowing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling, and grunting.

The cats have certain body-language also. The cat is a solitary hunter but a social animal.
A cat can hear sounds too faints or too high in frequency from human ears, they can hear small movements also like made by mice in the house. It secretes and perceives pheromone. The female cats produce kittens from spring to late autumn of little sizes ranges from three to four in numbers. The population of the cats is controlled by some methods like spaying and neutralizing the female cats. The control in population may lead to an increase in the number of feral cats, which results in the extinction of entire birds, mammals, and reptile pieces.

The cats have excellent night vision and can see one-sixth the light level required for human vision. They are capable of hearing about the range of 500Hz to 32Hz, which detects every small movement. The cats have an acute sense of smell and can smell three times stronger than humans. It has very few taste buds as compared to humans, they prefer food with a certain temperature around 38 degrees celsius it rejects cold food.

Domestic Cat20 Hours
Wild Cat15 Hours

Why Does Cat Sleep That Long?

The cats are not active every time, they are most active between dusk and dawn, this means they always sleep mostly during the daytime and are active during twilight. They sleep deeply are humans they can doze in a light sleep or very deep sleep. When cats are in deep sleep there is a rapid movement in the brain. The deep sleep is about five minutes and after that deep sleep, they start dozing. The dozing pattern of the cat’s sleep goes on until the cat wakes up.

The sleeping pattern and the lifestyle of the cat’s changes with the change in seasons. The behavior of the cat changes depending on its breed, age, temperament, and overall health of the cat. They sleep more in rainy and cold seasons they will probably always keep their eyes shut and follow a specific sleeping pattern.

The cats are crepuscular they mostly tend to be active during the twilight the sleep during the darker- nighttime and day-time hours. They are sometimes active at night especially when they are kittens as they are very active at that time. The cats are considered sociable and highly adaptive which get used to their environment very quickly. It can change their sleeping time to spend more time with their loved ones and when they are feeding. The indoor cats sleep more than the cats who roam outside.


Cats are a good companion for humans but they show lots of tantrums too they are considered to be moody. In some religions, cats are considered bad omen especially black cats. It is a cute animal that can be kept in the use and fed properly with love and affection. The indoor cats sleep more peacefully than the others who roam outside because they don’t have to find food for themselves, in short, indoor cats have a more luxurious life than wild cats.


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