How Long Do Pomegranates Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Pomegranates Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 2 weeks

The arils packed inside the silky red covering of the pomegranate fruit are the fruit’s most well-known feature. Pomegranates were cultivated for ages in India, Europe, the Middle East, and subtropical Parts of the world. Pomegranates signified prosperity in prehistoric days, as well as the fruit, has been portrayed several times in artwork through civilization.

The arils are high in minerals and oxidants, which might prevent future or defer cell growth. Pomegranate juice has three or four times as many flavonoids rich in drinks like herbal tea and white wine.

How Long Do Pomegranates Last

How Long Do Pomegranates Last?

ConditionsLasts for
Whole Pomegranate1 to 2 weeks
Pomegranate seeds1 week

Pomegranates are among the fruits that last the longest. Refrigerated pomegranates can be preserved for up to two months. If they’ve been sitting unopened in the vegetable area of the shop for a few days, they’re unlikely to keep freshness for that much.

If pomegranates are kept on the countertop for a day or two if left unwashed. However, for safety, try to remain on the low end of the scale. The seeds should be kept for approximately a week after being separated from the pulp and stored in a jar.

When selecting a pomegranate, choose the one that is the biggest, stiffest, and best. It must seem weighty for its size, indicating that it is packed with seeds. The skin color can range from blood red to dark red. Once picked, they do not ripen. It isn’t like limes or avocados, which must occasionally be matured prior. As a result, if your pomegranates aren’t mature yet, they won’t be for a long time.

Examine the condition of your fruit if you’re unsure how long they’ve been preserved. Mold is an indication that something has gone wrong. Mushy or sinking regions, mushiness is caused by either fluid loss or environmental injury, and if the entire fruit is squishy, discard it. If the fruit appears to be lightweight for its shape, or perhaps feels empty, remove it, and if almost all of the seeds are brownish, throw the fruit.

Why Does Pomegranates Last For So Long?

The fruit is produced by the pomegranate bush. They can be maintained at normal temperature for several days if kept out of direct sunshine. When kept in the fridge, its lifespan improves substantially, and it may be eaten for 3 months. By cooling the seeds, you may extend their lifespan to roughly 6 months.

One can remove the seeds and store them for later use. It will keep its finest quality for around 5 to 10 months if carefully kept in the freezer but will stay safe after that period. The freezing period indicated is solely for high-grade fruit; pomegranates maintained continually froze at zero degrees will stay protected longer.

When storing entire pomegranates, keep them cool, moist, and quiet away from heat. The fridge is the greatest place to satisfy all of those criteria. Pomegranates should not be stored in the bottom drawer, which is moister than the shelves, and don’t wrap them.

Unless you only need the fruit for a few days, keeping them at a normal temperature looks fine. Simply ensure it’s not in full light when you keep it on the countertop. Place them in a food-safe, ideally sealed jar. This is done to prevent the fruit arils from absorbing any odors from the fridge.


Pomegranates have one of the longest shelf lives of any fruit. Pomegranate lovers know that this tasty fruit is a big plus in milkshakes, salads, and sweet treats making it a better fridge or cabinet item.

A multitude of factors, along with how fruits are stored, determine the overall lifespan of fruit and its seeds. The edible element of the fruit is the seeds, which happily make up the majority of the pomegranate. It may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 to 60 days and at constant temperature for 2 weeks. If the seeds are damaged, the fruit is mushy, or mold is present, remove it.


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