How Long Do Small Dogs Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 To 15 Years

Many animals can be adopted as domestic pets, but over 80% of the world’s population prefers dogs. Dogs are very loyal and lovable, and they are certainly one of the best pets that can be adopted by families, especially families with kids. Though when adopted, dogs become a part of every family, but unfortunately, they don’t live as long as humans.

The lifespan of dogs can depend on various factors, but whatever the reason might be, generally, small dogs live longer than large and medium dogs. Other factors are also involved in determining how long the dog lives.

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How Long Do Small Dogs Live?

Size and type of dogLife expectancy
Medium to Large dogs7 to 8 years
The minimum lifespan of small dogs10 years
The maximum lifespan of small dogs15 to 18 years

Dogs are certainly one of the greatest joys in their owner’s lives, and they fill the household with unconditional love, good companionship, and they are great stressbusters. There are many kinds of dog breeds, some large, some large, some furry, and some sleek. Dogs can be found in various colors and with furs of various textures. Some people prefer large dogs, while some dogs prefer small dogs.

Dogs can be from pure breeds, and also mixed breeds. The lifespan can also depend on the breed of the dogs, their weight, their lifestyle, what they eat, their medical health, and much more. For example, dogs that are under 20 pounds can live for about 11 years, while dogs that weigh more than 90 pounds only live for 8 years. Medium and large-sized dogs live only for about 11 to 12 years.

Dogs are classified into four categories based on their weight, and the categories include being less than 20 pounds, 20 to 50 pounds, 50 to 90 pounds, and finally, over 90 pounds. There are separate reasons why small dogs live longer than large dogs. Dogs die because of old age, but one primary reason why large dogs die is because of cancer, but the endocrine disease is the main reason why small dogs die soon.

Why Do Small Dogs Live For That Long?

As dogs start to age, diseases start creeping in and this will put extra stress on their body. Sometimes, due to genes, dogs even age quicker and for old and overweight dogs, diseases start creeping up silently long before their original lifespan time. There are many ways to make dogs live longer. When dogs are adopted as pets, they will be well taken care of, and their medical care will be well taken care of. Although, if the dog is a stray, it will not be taken care of well and hence it might be more prone to catch diseases.

The lifespan of a dog depends on its breed. For example, dogs like chihuahua and Chinese crested live for 15 to 17 years, while breeds like English toy spaniel and wire fox terrier live only for 13 to 15 years. The facts also point out that the average lifespan of a medium-sized dog is comparatively less than that of small dogs.

Dogs must be groomed well, and they must be fed well. There are some food items that dogs should not eat and dog owners should make sure their dogs don’t eat anything that deteriorates their health. They should also be checked properly for any sort of health issue.


One of the main health issues that affect dogs is cancer, and some of the major symptoms of cancer include lumps, losing weight suddenly, lameness, swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, and some others. It is necessary to know all these symptoms. Other issues include congenital and inherited abnormalities, sometimes they will also be affected with infectious diseases. They must be vaccinated properly.

Dogs will also be affected by obesity. Thus, to maintain the longevity of the pets, dogs must be fed a healthy diet, and a healthy weight must be maintained. Vaccines must be kept up-to-date, and regular veterinary checkups must be scheduled. Toxins and any sort of harmful substance must be kept out of the dogs’ reach. For further instruction, it is important to visit or consult a veterinarian.


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