How Long Do Tigers Live (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 20 Years

Tiger is one of the most engrossing animals to watch. Their eye-catchy walks and beautiful color coats catch the attention of many folks. Tigers are kept for viewing purposes, as many people are crazy about getting a glimpse of the tiger. The tigers are not blessed with long life, as they may live up to 20 years. The life span of a tiger may last from 8 to 20 years.

Watching tigers would be durable, but they come with extremely vulnerable behavior. Tigers can’t be kept as pets, as you can predict how they will behave once they start growing up. Some folks love keeping tigers as pets. Training should be correctly done if someone has a desire of keeping tigers as pets.

How Long Do Tigers Live

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How Long Do Tigers Live?

Types Of Tiger Average Life Expectancy
Bengal tigerup to 20 years
Siberian tigerUp to 18 years
Malayan tigerUp to 20 years
Indochinese tigerUp to 26 years

The lifespan of tigers is not predictable. The lifespan of tigers keeps on fluctuating depending on many factors. There are many aspects that affect the lifespan of the tigers. Folks can take (predict) the animal (tiger) would survive on average is around a decade (10 years). These are:

Health- A tiger with good health and no disease may live a longer life. Health plays a very important role in determining how long do tigers live. Just like humans, animals too need to be healthy for living a long life.

Proper care- Taking proper care of tigers is another huge requirement for getting them a long life. It’s not only health but everything the tigers need. You need to understand what are the health requirements of the tigers. Understanding the tiger’s requirement is the most important condition for predicting how long a tiger would live.

Water Availability- The water should be greatly available to the tigers. Water is an important requirement for animals and humans. If the tiger gets an environment in which they can get enough water, then it would be great for them to survive long.

Environment- A comfortable environment is extremely vital for making the tigers live long. The environment with good vegetation and wildlife vibes would encourage a healthy atmosphere for the tigers. Wild animals such as tigers require a wildlife comfortable environment for survival. You can’t expect a tiger to be alive for a long time in your house.

Why Do Tigers Live This Long?

There is no such research to say any specific reason that determines the life of any human or animal. There are many things that will affect and influence how long the tigers can live. The years a tiger life depend on the way a tiger lives. If the tiger gets good comfort and health, then the tiger would live more than the average life expectancy.

If a tiger is not getting proper attention and food, then the chances of long life expectancy decrease. It all depends on the health, lifestyle, and nutrition of the tiger. The type of diseases the tiger has affects the life expectancy of the tiger. Many tigers die because of health issues, and this may become a reason for a tiger’s death.

You can say, if a tiger lives more than the expected life expectancy then it is because of the good health the tiger has. Sometimes, tigers may die due to a lack of a comfortable environment. If a tiger dies at an early age, then some of the reasons may be bad health and an uncomfortable environment. If you want to make a tiger live a long life, make sure the tiger is enjoying life and getting all the requirements on time.


Tigers are wild animals with a different lifestyle as compared to other animals. Diverse habitats can be the source to see a tiger. You can’t expect all the tigers to live in a single habitat. You should focus on saving tigers, as it would ultimately give you vast forests. The tigers would be able to live longer than expected if you provide them good atmosphere and health.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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