How Long Do Angelfish Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 12 years

Angelfish can live in the home aquarium for a long time. The length of the Angelfish would be around 8 inches and the height would be around 12 inches. The wild Angelfish would be around 10 inches long and 12 inches tall. The growth of wild Angelfish would be more as compared to home Angelfish, as they get a good amount of natural food outside.

Angelfish needs more space to swim, and this will increase their growth. In a fish tank, the Angelfish can survive for around 12 years if the space is huge. The Angelfish would turn to be an adult in just one and a half years. They don’t take a long time to grow as an adult. Keeping the Angelfish in a huge gallon tank will help in their proper growth.

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How Long Do Angelfish Live?

Angelfish (Life Span)How Long Do Angelfish Live (Average Life Span)
Minimum life span10 years
Maximum lifespan12 years

The Angelfish can survive for around 10 to 12 years if they are put in a 29-gallon tank. The best thing to do is put two Angelfish in one 29 gallon tank. In this way, they will get space to swim comfortably. In the tank, you can add some plants and different types of fish to make the environment more convenient for the survival of Angelfish.

Changing the 50 percent of the water every week is vital. Put some large fish in the tank with the Angelfish as they may get into the mouth of Angelfish. It depends on the Angelfish, as they may or may not eat other fishes. Avoid placing fin nippers with the Angelfish as it can cause trouble for the Angelfish while swimming.

If someone wishes to put fin nippers in the tank with Angelfish then try to add more plants to the tanks. These plants would provide a great place for the fishes to hide.

Some of the good choices for becoming the tankmates of Angelfish re:
Platy fish
These fishes are good companions for the Angelfish as they will not fit easily in the mouth of Angelfish.

The life expectancy of Angelfish depends on the quality of food they get and the environment they live in. Angelfish would be quite territorial. The Angelfish needs food that is extremely high in protein for long survival. The Angelfish can also survive on veggies as they are omnivorous.

Why Do Angelfish Live This Long?

The life expectancy of Angelfish can increase or decrease depending on how you are taking care of the Angelfish. Feeding the Angelfish twice every day is vital for their long life. The food you can feed the Angelfish are:
Frozen food- Frozen food is not as nutritious as live food. Being the most convenient food, these can be fed to the fish without any risk of parasites. Frozen food covers bloodworms and Mysis shrimp. All these are in frozen form.
Live Food- Live foods are the best sources of protein that you can give to the Angelfish. Live food is more nutritious as they are natural without any processing. The only issue with live food is that it may transfer parasites to the fish tank.

Once you feed the food to the Angelfish, it will consume the food within 3 minutes. Don’t overfeed the Angelfish. Try to fix a quantity of food that Angelfish can consume in just 3 minutes. There are many other food options that can be given to the Angelfish. These are flake food and vegetables.

Choosing a small Angelfish is important as the best part is to see the growth of the fish. Full-grown Angelfish are not a good choice for the aquarium. As you don’t know what kind of food they ate and how they were cared for. The Angelfish with a thicker face will be the best fit for the aquarium.


The average lifespan of Angelfish is not more than 12 years, but some may come under the exception category. It is entirely on The owner to help the Angelfish to survive longer. The owner should feed the required amount of food in intervals to the Angelfish.

The Angelfish with thinner heads may not survive long as they are not considered as healthy as thicker heads ones. Before buying the Angelfish, make sure to purchase a tank of 29 gallons or bigger as per requirement. Don’t store a bunch of fish in the tank as it will leave no space for the swimming of Angelfish.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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