How Long Do You Bake An Apple Pie (And Why)?

How Long Do You Bake An Apple Pie (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 50 to 60 Minutes

Apple pie is a delicious breakfast to be savored with friends and family. It has a soft and buttery crust which adds to the delight of the person eating it. When made using different varieties of spices, vanilla, and best quality apples, it produces an unforgettable experience.

Apple pie is made by stuffing finely chopped best-quality apples between two rolled-out dough crusts. Then its outer surface is glazed with honey or egg and cream which gives the pie its flaky and buttery taste. The next step involves baking the apple pie in the oven.

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How Long Do You Bake An Apple Pie?

Steps In The Baking ProcessCooking Timeline
Preheating the oven30 to 40 Minutes
Preparing the apple pie for baking30 to 40 Minutes
Baking the apple pie50 to 60 Minutes
Cooling the pie1 hour

The entire process of baking apple pie can be done away with in nearly two hours. The full cooking process can be divided into three main steps which involve preheating the oven for a certain time, getting the apple pie ready for baking, and then the actual process of baking the dish. The process is quite simple with the main effort required in rolling out the dough.

The first step in the cooking process of Apple pie is to get the oven preheated. The oven has to be preheated at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for nearly half an hour. This step is necessary to get the oven ready to bake the apple pie.

The next and critical step in the baking process is to prepare the apple pie for baling. To accomplish this goal, two or three good-quality apples need to be finely chopped or as per requirements, and the dough is kneaded. Two circular-shaped dough balls have to be made out of this and rolled with the help of a rolling pin.

The next step involves stuffing the chopped apples on a rolled-out dough crust and then covering it with another rolled-out dough. This process takes nearly 30 to 40 minutes in action.

Baking apple pie is the next main step in the process. The Apple pie prepared has to be placed in the oven at bake for approximately an hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the main cooking step after which the apple pie is ready to eat.

Why Do You Have To Bake An Apple Pie For So Long?

Preparing an apple lie is no rocket science. The process is quite simple and for a large part of the process, the cook can remain inactive. After keeping the apple view to bake in the oven, the cook has very little to do actively.

Preheating the oven helps to speed up the process of baking. Cooking in a warmer environment takes less time than compared to the time needed to cook in a cold environment.

The type and quality of the apples chosen for use in the apple pie is also an important consideration in this regard. While some varieties of apples cook faster, some need more time than others to be ready. Apples like Jonagold and Granny Smith are considered best for apple pie while the Red Delicious apples do not cook well and take too much time.

Putting together the crust for the apple pie is the most time-consuming of all. Firstly, kneading the dough is no easy task in itself and secondly, rolling out the dough in perfect circular shape is a far more complicated process. The dough needs to be rolled out with precision in the perfect thickness throughout the crust otherwise it would not be tasting all the same.


Apple pie is a traditional breakfast made by stuffing finely chopped apples between two crusts. The complete cooking procedure takes about two to three hours. However, the bulk of this time is consumed in baking the apple pie in the oven which takes about an hour while the bulk of the effort is consumed in getting the dough ready for the crust.

After the apple pie is baked appropriately, it should be ideally cooled for an hour before serving. This will result in the stuffed apples becoming a little firm.


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