How Long Does A BBL Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 years

The Brazilian Butt Lift can last for around 10 years without any issues. In this cosmetic procedure, people would get a lifted butt with a very thin waist. In this cosmetic procedure, the fat would be collected from many parts of the body and would be fitted in the butt area.

The surgery is mainly done to make the backside of the person fuller and lifter. The BBL procedure would give a natural look to the butt of the person. Some people may see BBL results to last for more than 10 years as it depends on various factors.

How long does a bbl last

How Long Does A BBL Last?                            

In years10 years
In months120 months

The BBL procedure would not be painful as the doctor would use anesthesia. The volume of fat to be transferred would decide which type of anesthesia would be used. Local anesthesia can be used for the BBL procedure if a very little volume of fat is supposed to be transferred to the back of the person.

The use of anesthesia may bring some symptoms to the person’s body. Therefore, everyone should be prepared for the symptoms such as nausea, which can be treated with anti-nausea medication. Sometimes, the Brazilian butt lift may not last for a very long time if any side effects happen.

People may experience side effects, such as infection, pain, and fat embolism in the heart. Some of the symptoms may get treated with treatment or simple medication. There are some side effects such as fat embolism in the heart, and lungs, which can be life-threatening.

Therefore, people should inform the doctor about any minor or major side effects that are observed by them after the procedure. The cosmetic procedure can turn out to be fatal for very few people. Everyone should get a body check-up done before trying out the BBL procedure.

As there may be some hidden health problems that would not allow the BBL results to last longer. Sometimes, people may ask for multiple or additional procedures if a single procedure is not able to give the results.

Why Does A BBL Last For This Long?

The person is supposed to do some special care after the surgery to make the results last longer. The person needs to avoid sitting on their butt for a minimum of 14 days as the butt needs to be recovered. Some people may start seeing the results to go just in 24 to 48 months.

There is no fixed time till which the person can see the results of BBL, but people can maintain their health to extend the results. The exact results of the BBL would be visible to the person after six months. People who have a healthy weight may get eligible for the BBL procedure.

Anybody who is not happy with the body shape can ask the doctor to get the BBL done. The doctor would check the person’s body and health condition before allowing them for the BBL. People who drink excess alcohol or smoking may face issues after the BBL surgery.

Therefore, it’s better to quit smoking or any other bad habits before you try the BBL surgery. Everybody needs to follow a specific diet plan after the BBL to recover faster. The doctor would give certain medication to help the person stay healthy without any side effects.

If everything goes well, then everyone can hold the shape after BBL for 5 to 10 years.


The lasting time of the BBL effects would be around 10 years depending on the person’s habits, lifestyle, and health condition. Everyone needs to maintain their body weight with all the BBL post-care. Nobody should put a lot of pressure on the butt area, where the procedure is done.

Smoking should be strictly avoided after the BBL surgery. Everyone needs to maintain a balanced diet after the BBL. People should take advice from the doctor about any special care or medications to be taken after the BBL.



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