How Long After Ectopic Pregnancy Can I Conceive (And Why)?

How Long After Ectopic Pregnancy Can I Conceive (And Why)?

Ectopic pregnancy is that type of pregnancy where a woman’s mature egg that is fertilized by a sperm grows outside the uterus and in the endometrium area. This kind of pregnancy is a very complicated one. Due to a huge amount of blood loss, this type of pregnancy can lead to death. The reason is that, in this pregnancy, any fetus growing outside the mother’s womb cannot stay alive. That kind of ectopic pregnancy will eventually disrupt and women will be helpless and suffer from lower abdomen pain and also from very heavy bleeding through the vagina.

 If these symptoms are not treated timely can be very risky and can take life. It should be noted that the fetus which is embedded outside the uterus and also into the fallopian tubes very rarely continues to live. It is not much longer than a few weeks. 

How Long After Ectopic Pregnancy Can I Conceive

How Long After Ectopic Pregnancy Can I Conceive?

Do’s after ectopic pregnancyDon’ts after ectopic pregnancy
Rest for a weekAvoid strenuous exercise
Ask for your family, relatives, or friend’s help with the household worksDon’t lift heavy objects
Do deep breathing exercisesDon’t drive
Eat green veggies and fruits and plenty of water.Avoid sex

The answer is after 3 months interval. Ectopic pregnancy is very much hard for women to handle emotionally. Some of them are found to desperately try to conceive again where some others choose to wait. We can’t pass any judgment on their choice as they were emotionally broken down. Doctors advise waiting for 3 months before they try to conceive. According to statistics, women having an ectopic pregnancy have a 65% chance of having a healthy pregnancy within 18 months after having an ectopic pregnancy. Other studies suggest that this pregnancy rises to about 85% in 2 years. It is to be noted that your fallopian tubes determine your chances of conceiving.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Let us discuss the risk factors of ectopic pregnancy.

  1. The main risk factor for your ectopic pregnancy is your medical past. It is proved that there will be a 10% chance that another ectopic pregnancy will happen after an ectopic pregnancy.
  2. Another risk factor is the history of infertility. Infertility is the greatest problem and an obstacle in the way of being pregnant.
  3. Smoking is also a risk factor for developing ectopic pregnancy
  4. The last but not the least risk factor is age. At least 70% of ectopic pregnancies occur in most women between the late 30s and the early 40s.

Why Does It Take That Long After Ectopic Pregnancy To Conceive?

A woman should linger for  3 months. This is because this gap is necessary before trying to conceive. The reason is both physical and emotional. The reason why I need to wait for that long is that the given time frame is to let your cycle return to a natural condition. If your cycle returns to a natural condition like before, it will be easier to notice an exact Last Menstrual Period also known as the LMP date. It will help to date and create a new pregnancy form.

The LMP date is the date used to decide for scanning a pregnancy. The first period after an ectopic pregnancy is heavier than usual but the second most period is the natural period. A usual period puts a green signal to the fact that you are again hormonal ready for attempting to conceive. Keeping a timespan of two periods also gives your gynecologist an idea of the length of your menstrual cycle.

Ectopic Pregnancy To Conceive

You need to have patience and wait for 3 months because the inflammation in the internal parts and especially the bruising caused by the ectopic pregnancy and any other associated treatment need time for healing up. Apart from the physical factors of this pregnancy, there comes the emotional impact on the women who have in the past suffered from ectopic pregnancy. If you take time before conceiving, it will be beneficial for you as you can work out your grief and personal sadness. Many people underestimate emotional needs for recovery emotionally and taking some time trying to once again.


Ectopic pregnancy is one of the complicated pregnancies. It is the main reason behind the death of nearly 60℅ women in the very first trimester of pregnancy. The gynecologist who is treating a woman needs a skilled eye and high suspicion for early diagnosis. Pregnancy is considered a blessing but in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, it becomes very difficult for a woman. The physical condition and emotional condition both matter a lot. The noticeable symptoms in ectopic pregnancy visibly occur between the weeks 4th and 12th of pregnancy.

Some of the symptoms like a missed period, pain in the stomach in the lower abdomen, bleeding from the vagina, discomfort when going to the toilet, and shoulder pain might occur. But if these symptoms are noticed and diagnosed early, then there are certain medications being given to improving your condition. So you should not get frightened if you are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy rather, you should always follow your doctor’s advice, and you will be able to overcome all the physical and emotional problems related to an ectopic pregnancy.


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  1. The explanation regarding the delay in conceiving after an ectopic pregnancy provides clarity on the physical and emotional factors involved. Important information.

  2. Ectopic pregnancies are a serious and complicated incident. I can’t imagine the emotional toll it takes on a woman. It’s vital to follow doctor’s advice to protect your health.

  3. It’s concerning to know the severity of ectopic pregnancies. The aftermath and recovery process seem complex and should be handled with utmost care and patience.

  4. This article makes it clear the importance of careful consideration and patience after an ectopic pregnancy. The physical and emotional recovery take time, and it’s critical to give oneself that time.

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    The article provides valuable insight into various aspects of ectopic pregnancies, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and understanding the recovery process.

  6. The emotional impact and grief associated with ectopic pregnancies are often overlooked. This article does a good job of emphasizing the need for emotional recovery in addition to physical healing.

  7. The risk factors provided in the article are well-explained and serve as helpful information for those trying to understand ectopic pregnancy better.

  8. The article provides useful dos and don’ts for those who have gone through ectopic pregnancies. It’s essential to put health and recovery first.

  9. It’s clear that ectopic pregnancies are complex and pose significant risks, as highlighted in the article. The emotional and physical healing process should be approached with careful consideration and patience.

  10. The waiting period before attempting to conceive again is vital for both physical and emotional healing. Understanding the reasons behind the delay is crucial for those affected.

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