How Long Does It Take to Restore iPhone (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 Minutes

Restoration is the process of turning a commodity or value to its original form that it always existed in or was made.

Similarly, the restoration of the iPhone is a process of wiping all data that includes voice recording, songs, contacts and applications, whether gratis or paid, to bring the phone to factory setup.

The iPhone restoration process can be done for many reasons: a bug, a new device, or a kind of external problem. 

Also, restoration doesn’t mean software; repairing the screen or the phone body is also counted in the phone restoration process.

How Long Does It Take to Restore iPhone

How Long Does It take to Restore The iPhone?

Restoration of the iPhone can be a pretty complex process because apple uses such high-profile security, meaning at every step, the phone demands a password for both iTunes and iCloud, where the user gets numerous warning messages about the data being wiped. 

If the user wants to save the data as the backup on their computer, that can add more time as the data will duplicate depending on the amount of data that the person holds. After backup, the restoration process or completely deleting your data takes place that can take time.

But all the time, the restoration is divided into many different factors: the backup, amount of data, and most importantly, the phone model that is being restored.

As discussed above, it is a secure environment; it can take time to backup data from iCloud (the service provided by apple that holds your pictures and important documents). The phone has the amount of data, including phone storage and iCloud and iTunes, as there will be a significant difference between restoring a 16 GB iPhone and a 256 GB iPhone.

The restoration is also subjected to external features, meaning any replacement or repair like a screen repair is also considered restoration as the device is brought back to its original shape.

The external restoration depends upon the amount of damage. A standard screen replacement can only take an hour or two, but a battery or the main component replacement can easily take a day or two.

iPhone ModelStorageTimeStorageTime
iPhone 5s-716 GB- 64 GB20 – 30 Minutes128GB – 265GB35-45 Minutes
iPhone 8- Xs64 GB- 128GB15-20 Minutes256 GB – 512 GB25-45 Minutes
iPhone 11-1264 GB- 128GB10-15 Minutes256 GB – 512 GB20-30 Minutes

 Why Does it Take 15 Minutes to Restore iPhone?

Restoration of an iPhone entirely depends on a few essential factors: the storage or amount of data, the backup, and the iPhone model that plays the most dominant role.

Storage of the iPhone can ultimately make a difference as more storage will take a longer time to clear or wipe the data, including all the contacts, music, and applications; the process is done to its core, including deleting the application files and its data.

Moreover, suppose the backup takes place that adds up to the time of restoration. In that case, this is indirectly related to storage as backup is making the exact copy of your phone’s data in a computer that can be preloaded into the new phone, so the data stays secure.

The phone’s model plays the dominant role; the latest iPhone will take less time to wipe data; this is because of the processor and the chipset used in the phone, the highest and latest the chipset, this adds up to the clock speed of the CPU and the machinery will run faster than the usual. Moreover, the processor also oversights the storage.

The external restoration also plays a significant role; screen replacement is of different types, the screen may be completely shattered, or the screen may be shared with liquid damage.

Henceforth, restoration is external or internal. The phone’s model always plays a dominant role in both things. The latest model will always restore data the fastest and will always cost the most to repair.


Restoration is a process to bring back the device to its original factory set up by offloading or completely wiping the data.

The restoration of data depends on the storage or the size of data, the backup meaning offloading phones data into the copy and saving on laptop and the phone’s model that plays the most crucial role.

Moreover, restoration is for both the components, including external and internal features, internal meaning deleting the phone’s data and exterior includes screen replacement or any repair. 

As the main motive of restoration is to ultimately bring back the phone to its factory form.



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    1. Agreed, the article thoroughly covers both internal and external restoration processes, offering valuable insights.

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    1. Yes, the article’s breakdown of the restoration time for different iPhone models effectively showcases the impact of hardware and data size on the process.

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