How Long is a Beer Pong Table (And Why)?

How Long is a Beer Pong Table (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2.44 m

Who doesn’t like playing different kinds of games? Beer Pong is one such game which is enjoyed by the people at home parties, college parties, etc. This game is played in two teams, where each team player has to throw a ping pong ball in the cup of beer, which is kept at the other end of the table. There are in total 10 cups arranged on both sides of the table in a triangular formation.

The players take turns to throw the ball, and the players are supposed to drink the contents of that cup where the ball lands. The team which eliminates all the cups on the opposite side first is declared as the winner.

How Long is a Beer Pong Table

How Long is a Beer Pong Table?

Type of TableLength of Table
Portable Table8ft
Floating Table6ft
Glow in the Dark Table8ft
Customized Table8ft

Normally a beer pong table is 2.44m in length, 0.6m in breadth, and 0.7m in height. But there are still many beer pongs tables that come in different shapes and sizes. It depends on what kind of table the players want. But having the table of official dimensions is recommended, as you will have the real fun of playing beer pong. There are different kinds of beer pong tables available as well.

Portable Beer Pong Tables: Those are mostly 8ft long and can be easily folded back into a size of a briefcase. This table weighs almost 25 pounds and when folded it’s 2ft in length and breadth and 5 inches of height. Thus, it’s easier to store and transport such tables.

Floating Beer Pong Tables: These tables are 6ft in length and 2 inches in width. They are 4.6 pounds in weight, thus, it’s easy to transport these tables as well. These tables also have inbuilt 10 cup holders. These kinds of tables are used for beer pong games at pool parties.

Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Tables: As the name suggests, this table puts lights in your late evening parties, as they glow while you play. This table can also be folded into a suitcase size and is easy to transport and store. The measurements of this table are 8ft length, 2ft breadth, and 27 inches height.

Custom Beer Pong Tables: These tables are 8ft in length and 30 inches in height. When you buy these tables, they come as just plain tables. It is completely up to you how you want to design them. These tables can also be folded and transported easily. They are 22 pounds in weight.

Why is Beer Pong Table That Long?

As beer pong is a team game that includes players consuming alcohol, the table needs to be strong enough to withstand some pushes from the drink players. As mentioned before, this is a game that includes keeping the cups on both sides of the table. This game can be played by either using 6 cups or 10 cups on each side, but the distance between the first cups in the front must be roughly 65 inches.

Thus, the table needs to be long enough to hold onto them. The length of the table can be from 6ft to 10ft. If it’s more or less than that, then it would affect the game. The height also needs to be appropriate, as it will be harder to aim if it’s taller, and you can knock the table if it’s any shorter.

As the game includes cups filled with beer or other kinds of drinks, there’s going to be done spilling. That’s why it is better if the table is waterproof so that there’s no damage to the table. Most of the tables are manufactured in such a way that there are holes made for the cups to fit. Thus, these holes help in reducing the probability of spilling and wastage.

These 6ft to 10ft long tables are mostly manufactured with a portable base. Because of this, they can be easily folded into a size of a suitcase and can be easily stored or transported. These tables are made of aluminum due to which the tables are light in weight but strong enough to hold on to the cups and the pushes of people.


Thus, as long as you have more 20-25 cups, 4-5 ping pong balls, a table that is almost 6ft to 10ft long, and of course, some beer, then you are ready for this game. Just gather around the table, form teams, fill up the cups, and start playing. To add more fun to this game, many people also add more bets to it.

Such kinds of drinking games are played mostly by college students at college unofficial parties or house parties. These people never compromise with the dimensions and shapes of the beer pong table. That is because you will not enjoy the real game if the measurements are wrong. The table’s measurements play a very important role in getting a good, fun game.


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  1. This post brings out the fun aspect of beer pong while also highlighting the technical and practical details. Good combination of information and entertainment.

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    1. Absolutely, having a good time doesn’t mean we can forget about being responsible and considerate.

  3. The engineering considerations illustrated in the post provide a new perspective on beer pong. I hadn’t considered the tabletop structure from that angle before.

    1. It’s an interesting way to think about the game from a technical and design standpoint. Gives a deeper appreciation for it.

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    1. Agreed, the reasoning behind the table length and design is quite interesting. It adds a whole new layer to the game.

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