How Long Does Botox Take (And Why)?

How Long Does Botox Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 days

Botox injections are highly effective for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. The type and level of dosage would affect how long the Botox injection would take to show results. The Botox injection may take more than 2 to 3 days to show its results. Some people may see the results of Botox in just 1 to 2 days. 

Some people may have to wait for around 1 to 3 weeks to see the results of the Botox injection. After the Botox injection is injected, the Botox would bind to SNARE at the motor endplate. The binding time in everyone may not be the same, and this would affect the time taken by the Botox to show its results.

How Long Does Botox Take

How Long Does Botox Take?

In days4 days
In hours96 hours

The Botox would help in reducing the muscles contraction that would cause facial wrinkles. The time taken by the Botox injection to stop or reduce the muscles contraction would be different for people. The skin of the person would bunch together due to excess muscles contraction, and this would cause the facial wrinkles to form.

Some people would see fast results of the Botox injection while others would see slow results. The intensity of facial wrinkles would also affect the working time of the Botox. Some people with excess facial wrinkles may see the Botox results after 4 to 7 days.

People with minor facial wrinkles would see the effects of Botox injection after 2 to 3 days. After the Botox treatment, some people may feel heaviness or tightness of muscles which is very common. After the Botox treatment, people would see the area becoming more refreshed.

The effects of Botox would start reducing when the facial wrinkles or fine lines would start to get visible again. Everyone should get the Botox treatment done by a certified dermatologist. The plastic surgeon can also do Botox treatment. The Botox treatment may show minor or serious side effects in people.

Some people may see symptoms such as rashes, headaches, or itching after the treatment. People can also see serious side effects of Botox, such as breathing issues that can get severe. Therefore, everyone should consult with the dermatologist before trying out Botox treatment.

Why Does Botox Take This Long?

The main mechanism of the Botox injection is to reduce muscles contraction. The rate of muscle contraction would not be the same for everyone. People with a low rate of muscle contraction may see the results of Botox within a week. The dermatologist would ask the person to do a few things after the Botox treatment.

People need to do a few exercises to relax their face muscles after a Botox treatment. If someone would take stress after a Botox treatment, then it would take more time for the injection to work. Maintaining a normal heart rate is vital after the Botox treatment for faster results.

Nobody should rub or scrub the treated area as it may show adverse reactions. Nobody should do an intense workout immediately after taking the Botox treatment. People should wait for at least one day before doing a workout after the Botox treatment. People should avoid drinking alcohol or smoking after the Botox treatment.

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is vital for preventing any serious side effects of Botox treatment. If someone does skin treatments after the Botox treatment, then it may not allow the Botox to work.

Sun exposure or heat can bring serious side effects after the Botox procedure. Therefore, everyone should try to stay at cool temperature places to make the Botox work faster.


The Botox treatment would show its results in 2 to 4 days for people with normal facial wrinkles. The side effects of the Botox treatment would go in 1 to 3 days after the treatment. If someone observes side effects such as vision changes and poor bladder control, then they should immediately inform the doctor.

The Botox treatment would show faster results in people with no side effects. Everyone should follow any special instructions given by the doctor to see faster Botox treatment results.


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