How Long Does ACCA Take After AAT (And Why)?

Exact Answer:- 2.5-3 years

The full form of ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and it was founded in 30 November 1904. It is for professional accountants and It is the only qualification which is known as worldwide.

ACCA’s headquarter is located in London, United Kingdom. It is the institution which is growing rapidly in the world.

Recognized in countries like India, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France etc. It has 200,000 members in 180 countries.

And It’s main purpose is to provide education and training of members. One can build his/her career in the field of accounting and finance.

ACCA have affiliation with employers far and wide. And it has more than 8,500 employers who are approved by the ACCA. And that provide opportunities to the members and students.

How Long Does ACCA Take After AAT

How Long Does ACCA Take After AAT?

Level Duration
Class 12th3 years
Commerce Graduate2 years
Passed Intermediate level of CA exam.
Or passed some exams of CA final
2 years
1 year
Chartered accountant6 months

ACCA consists of total 13 exams and all the 13 exams are categorized in this manner:-

  1. Knowledge
  2. Skill
  3. Professional.

And the exams are held on quarterly in march, June, september and december.

(1). The knowledge level exams are:-

  1. Business and Technology (BT)
  2. Management Accounting (MA)
  3. Financial Accounting (FA)

These are the exams which are called on-demand exams. By on-demand exams it means that students can give the exam any time in the 365 days of the year and that is what makes these exams on-demand exams.

(2). Skill level exams are:-

  1. Corporate and Business Law (LW)
  2.  Performance Management (PM)
  3.  Taxation (TX)
  4. Financial Reporting (FR)
  5. Audit and Assurance (AA)
  6. Financial Management (FM)

(3). Professional level exams are:-


  1. Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  2. Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)


  1. Advanced Financial Management. 
  2. (AFM)Advanced Performance Management
  3. (APM)Advanced Taxation (ATX)Advanced
  4. Audit and Assurance (AAA)

The 13 papers are only applicable to you when you have either just given your grade 10th or 12th. And if you are graduate or either you have completed your MBA or CA. 

When you begin ACCA you do not have to begin from the 1st paper it depends on your exemption. The more exemptions you are entitled to the lesser number of papers you will be giving.

And if you start from the first paper till the end the total fees will be around 3.5 – 4 lakhs. This include:- exam fees, registration fees, subscription fees, training fees, study material and additional fees.

If you have exemptions then you will have to give lesser papers and that will automatically reduce the fees.

After completing all the 13 papers along with the practical experience requirement (PER) then you will become member of acca and then you will be able to use the ‘ACCA’ letters after your name

Why Does It Take That Long to Complete ACCA?

In order to complete your acca qualification you will need to complete a total of 13 exams. And if you are beginning acca from the starting then it will take a duration of 2.5-3 years to complete the entire acca. It’s totally depends on students. If a student will clear all the 13 exams on the 1st attempt then it will take less time than usual. 

Depending on how much time will you spend for it and also your own capability to study. Also on the time you have and how confident you’re.

Also depends on dedication, hard work, effort of the students towards their studies.
Depending on any exemptions you have taken then you might only need less time than the average to complete acca.

Acca’s also required something beyond the 13 exams and the something beyond is called as practical experience requirement (PER) and this comprises of 3 years of work experience. 

Once you finish all the 13 papers of acca without PER you are known as an ACCA affiliate. And when you finish all 13 papers with the PER you will become an ACCA member.


If you have completed or about to complete your AAT, The ACCA qualification is your next step towards a successful career in business or finance with ACCA. 

Plus it offers job opportunities not only in India but around the world. Also there is no age limit. And the time period to complete acca is 10 years.

It has an official job portal called which shows a list of jobs that are available in individual cities in diverse cities.

ACCA is really a great choice one can go for this.

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