How Long Does Capstar Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Capstar Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

If you’re looking for fast flea treatments for your dogs, then Capstar would be a great choice. After the administration, everyone would see the Capstar showing its results in just 30 to 45 minutes. The effectiveness or working power of Capstar lasts for around 24 hours. In some dogs, the effectiveness of Capstar would stay for around 48 hours.

There are many things that would affect the lasting time of Capstar. The presence of Nitenpyram would help in making the Capstar effective for killing flea present in the body of dogs. All the puppies above 1 month can take Capstar. If the puppies are above 2 pounds, they are allowed to take the Capstar.

The lasting time of Capstar would be different for some of the puppies depending on their health conditions.

How Long Does Capstar Last

How Long Does Capstar Last?

In hours24 hours
In days1 day

If someone sees the Capstar effects are gone in 24 hours, then they can give another dose to their dogs. It’s better to ask the doctor before giving the next dose to your dogs as some dogs may show adverse side effects due to overdosing.

The doctor would recommend the required dosage for the dogs or puppies after checking their age and weight. No dog owner should give more than one tablet to the dogs in 24 hours. It’s better to ask the doctor if the Capstar should be given with or without food.

The interference of Capstar in the transmission of the neurological impulses would result in its anti-flea actions. The animals that are younger than 4 weeks should not be given Capstar at all. If the dog is healthy without any hidden diseases, the Capstar would work more effectively. The severity of infestation would decide the dosage of Capstar.

If the infestation is very severe, then the dog would have to take the frequent dosage for a few days. All the dogs with very less intensity of infestation may not require more than 1 or 2 dosages. Capstar is not meant for daily use as it may bring side effects if used on a daily basis.

Capstar tablets are only meant for being used orally. People can give it to the animals by mixing it with some dog foods for better results. Salivation and loose stools are very common side effects that the dogs may see after taking the Capstar.

Why Does Capstar Last This Long?

The lasting time of the Capstar depends on its active ingredient working effectiveness. The formulation and composition of the tablet would decide its lasting time. The food intake by the dogs would not affect the lasting time of Capstar. The dosage of Captsar would depend on the weight of the dogs.

No dog should take a different dosage which is not recommended for their body. As taking a low dosage would not show good effects. Similarly, taking a high dosage would also cause severe side effects. High dose effects may not be tolerated. Therefore, it’s better to give your dog the dose which is correct for them.

If someone is continuously taking the tablet Capstar continuously for 4 to 6 months, then they may see severe side effects. Everyone should be careful about taking any other medication with the Capstar. It’s better to not combine the Capstar tablet with any other medication.

As some medications may cause adverse reactions if consumed with Capstar. Sometimes, the flea may be present under the fur of the dogs which the owner may not see. Therefore, it’s important to check the whole body of your dogs to confirm that there is no flea present in the body after the effects of Capstar are over.


The lasting time of the Capstar would be around 24 to 48 hours. The dog’s age, weight, and health condition would affect the lasting time of the Capstar. People should give the dosage of Capstar to the dogs during the initial stage of infestation.

The dogs with low-intensity infestation would see faster results than the dogs with severe infestation. Everyone should take their dogs for a full body check-up as it would help in knowing the Capstar dose required for the dog.


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