How Long Do Iguanas Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 15 years

Iguanas are one of the most adored reptile pets. Many people love to have iguanas in their homes. These reptiles can have a lifespan of around 15 years. It depends on the care the owner provides to the reptile pet. There is no specific age to be considered for life expectancy for iguanas.

Iguanas can live more than 15 years if proper care is provided to them with all the other requirements. The place where iguanas are supposed to live should have a clear view of the outdoor. The iguanas need good sun rays on a daily basis, as it’s one of their requirements. It’s not mandatory to make the pet to the outside area, but you have to take them out for some time.

The iguanas need space to live in and could not tolerate a small space. They need their movement and comfort to survive long. The big space doesn’t mean a room or a big house, but a space where iguanas can climb and play. An aquarium for baby iguanas would be a great choice for allowing them to move.

How Long Do Iguanas Live

How Long Do Iguanas Live?

Iguanas (Lifespan)How Long Do Iguanas Live
Maximum lifespan 15 years
Minimum lifespan 12 years

The lifespan of iguanas would be different for every iguana. Nobody can expect the same lifespan for all the iguanas. The iguanas may have a longer lifespan if they get all the comfort they need. A customized tank is required for adult iguanas. Giving good space to iguanas is the most vital condition that would affect the lives of iguanas.

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There are many tanks (homes) available for the iguanas and people can make their own tanks as well. It’s always good to give the iguana a home that would be suitable for their sizes. For example, the size of baby iguanas would be different for adult iguanas. Similarly, the space of living for baby iguanas would not be the same for adult iguanas.

Try to use wood and mesh (or plexiglass) to make the home for iguanas. These materials would be the best for customizing the home of iguanas. Adding enrichment toys to the home (tank) for iguanas would make them happy. Many people use branches to put in the tank made for iguanas. All these would help in making a live space for the iguanas.

The iguanas would stay comfortable in their space, and this would increase the lifespan of iguanas. Check any branches or plants before putting them in the tanks, as they may have issues with any harmful substance. Don’t put anything that would make the iguanas uncomfortable.

Why Do Iguanas Live This Long?

The life of iguanas is not predictable, as these reptiles need many things to survive. The iguanas are not fond of playing, as they need rest for a long time. Iguanas may look quite calm, but they can harm humans in some cases. The iguanas are adorable if they are not stressed highly. Iguanas can damage humans if their temper goes up.

The iguanas don’t need wonder to interact or play with them continuously, as they have silent nature. They do sedentary beings that would not be active for a longer time. Iguanas would love to spend their time seated alone without any interruption. No human should bother the peace of iguanas or else it would cause harm to people.

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The owner should train the iguanas perfectly to make them good pets. Improper training to iguanas could bring some unpleasant signs in them. It’s important for the tank to have humid climatic conditions, as your reptiles need a good humid temperature for survival.

If the climatic condition of the tank would be humidity according to the requirement of the reptiles, then you can make them live longer.


The lives of iguanas depend on the place of survival and many other things. Giving them the right place to stay with an accurate temperature is vital for increasing their lifespan. The lifespan of iguanas would increase if the owner takes proper care of the iguanas.


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