How Long Does It Take to Ship from the US to UK (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

 Transportation has always played a significant role in our lives, which has been carried for a long time, but with modern technology, the vehicle has been made easier while making it cheap at the same time. 

Shipping of goods has always been there; importing and exporting goods is the essential survival that every country adapts. The reason is many commodities or materials while not producing or don’t have the resources.

The United States and the United Kingdom have always been involved in importing and exporting for private and public purposes. 6820 Kilometres distance has been made possible with growing technology, and the time depends on many factors.

How Long Does It Take to Ship from the US to UK

How Long Does It Take to Ship from the US to the UK? 

Since the world war, the United Kingdom and the united states are the most developed countries globally and have been engaged in trade and commerce. The paths can be traced even before that; both countries are involved in high-end trading in terms of vehicles, raw materials, arms, and weapons.

Governments and the development today a person sitting in the United States can place an order for a particular good, say a computer part or a specific item. The product will be delivered to the doorstep while paying international courier charges, and the shipping can take a lot of time.

All the products delivered within the US to the UK that are consumer goods are tracked and monitored constantly by the government to avoid any illegal item from entering the country’s boundaries. The shipping depended on the type of goods, but many factors affect the time taken and the charges levied.

 For instance, many a time, consumer goods have a heavy courier charge than the actual product. Other factors like shipment mode can be through airplane or ships- for bulky goods like cars, the sea’s perils also affect the time taken, the type of good ordered heavy or light.

 And lastly, the season also affects the shipment process, directly related to the sea’s perils, as many ships do not sell during the rainy seasons. This can be risky for the people on board, and the goods worth millions of dollars.   

Mode of ShipmentPort to PortDoor to Door
Ships30 Days40-45 Days
Airplanes5 Days10 Days

Why Does it Take So Long to Ship from US to UK?

There are factors to consider while goods are shipped from the US to the UK, not only these countries but also trade takes globally. The factors that occur are the type of goods, medium of shipment, perils of the sea, and the consumer.

Goods are of many types, whether big or small, heavy or light the shipment depends upon the good for instance a car that has been purchased from the US will be shipped via the ship as the good is heavy and can easily add to the time. In contrast, a computer part will be shipped via airplane and will take less time to ship.

The consumer is also a factor to consider as goods purchased via the government will be shipped through special government planes and ships as the governments’ transactions will take less time. Whereas if the consumer orders the goods can take a reasonable amount of time, it depends on the shipment companies and not the government.

The medium of shipment is directly linked with the type of good, as the goods shipped via the plane will comparatively take less time to get sent to the door, but heavy goods are shipped via ships, and the ship can take a good 30 to 45 days as the ship is affected by the perils of the sea.

Ships can add more time in the off-season: extreme monsoon and winters, like the ships, are not sailed in those seasons as it is risky to carry the stock worth millions and billions of dollars and the people sailing on the ship.


With the ever-growing technology, the shipment, import, and export of goods had been made more accessible and faster. Trade and commerce are vital factors between countries to build a great relationship and help each other as many goods might not be available in one’s country or might not have the technology to produce.

Goods can take time to ship from one country to another. In the case of the US and UK, the port-to-port distance is approx. 6820 Km. While importing goods, one factor is considered, but many play an essential role as below. Perils of the sea, the customer, type of goods, and medium of exchange.        



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