How Long Does ColourPop Take to Ship (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-21 days

ColourPop Cosmetics started as an e-commerce business in 2014. Co-founded by siblings Laura and John Nelson, ColourPop markets its products through various social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Seed Beauty was the original parent company for ColourPop. The brand is loved and revered for its cruelty-free and affordable products.



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The ColourPop and Ultra Beauty websites serve as the main portals for accessing the variegated line of ColourPop products. In 2017, the Los Angeles-based company entered into a retail partnership with Sephora to sell its well-reputed products offline. Over the years, ColourPop has also secured a formidable reputation among collaborators and social media influencers.

How Long Does ColourPop Take to Ship

How Long Does ColourPop Take to Ship?

The ColourPop delivery policy is segmented along the lines of the geographical distance that needs to be covered by a particular shipment. Therefore, when ordering from the website, the customer has to specify the delivery destination of the product.

Once the customer’s order is placed and processed, it is prepared for shipping. ColourPop offers two broad delivery segments:

-Deliveries within the United States are generally shipped within a period of 3-5 business days. Weekends and national holidays are excluded from the calculations used to ground this gambit. Moreover, ColourPop also asserts that in case of a promotional sale or collaborative event, national deliveries may also be marginally delayed. Bulk orders of such kind may strain the system, taking longer to be processed and consequently, shipped.

-However, deliveries outside the United States take a considerably longer time to be completed. International deliveries usually ship within 10-21 business days. This statute is followed as the standard norm by most brands shipping their products out of the States. Each exported order is also subjected to customs and duty charges that are determined by the laws of the recipient’s country. Moreover, ColourPop Cosmetics caters to most countries worldwide, barring a few exceptions.

ColourPop Cosmetics provides each customer with a unique tracking number to facilitate the location of their packages right from the moment they are shipped. The brand also provides astute assistance to customers facing unusual delivery delays and lags. These shipping lags may be a result of certain unforeseen circumstances encountered by the international courier partners.

In Summary:

Shipping DestinationTime Taken to Ship the Package
Within the United States3-5 business days
Outside the United States10-21 business days

Why Does ColouPop Take This Long to Ship?

The ColourPop team is dedicated to ensuring the timely delivery of their exceptional products to all customers. However, the brand has to authorize deliveries along two verticals. This creates a difference in terms of the actual delivery of the ordered products.

The delivery protocol followed by most national carriers is quite standard. ColourPop Cosmetics reach their owners living in the US within 3-5 days. This swift pace of delivery is possible because of the short distance the packages travel. Shipping to the different states within the US is relatively hassle-free and convenient.

Without any major hiccups in the carriage systems, national packages usually arrive within their stipulated time frames. However, this is not the case for packages that have to be shipped internationally. The window of 10-21 days serves as the standard time frame for shipping as it takes into account several factors.

The divergent laws of import-export, coupled with delays and intermissions within the system, postpone the delivery of packages. Moreover, the specific international shipping destination also has a bearing on the time taken for packages to arrive. If the distance between the recipient’s country and the US is relatively marginally, packages can arrive within a shorter span of time.

The local stations of delivery may also be responsible for accentuating the delay in the arrival of the packages. The ColourPop policy, thus, takes all these eventualities into account to predict a standard window extending up to 21 days for all international shipments.

ColourPop also offers customers an option to demand a refund for the products ordered if the package fails to reach them within the postulated time frame. Thus, in the event of an unexpected postponement, customers can opt for this option to end the deadlock.


ColourPop Cosmetics is a brand that has attained unmatched success in securing a definite niche in an intensely competitive market. The vivacity of the brand’s image is created by the fulfillment of its guarantee of quality service provision.

If you are a customer within the US, you can expect your ColourPop order to be delivered within merely a week’s time. Customers abroad have to wait a little longer for their bags of joy, however, the brand guarantees complete satisfaction upon the arrival of the products. Most international customers of the brand testify to the smooth shipping provided by ColourPop Cosmetics.


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