How Long Does Ghosting Last After PRK (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Few Weeks

Most people often face different kinds of visionary problems and therefore they opt for surgery with the hope that it will cure the defects. With the help of the latest developments in science and technology and innovations, people have come up with a solution for most problems that the world faces.



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One of the major developments that have been made since the evolution of mankind is in the medical department. Similarly, PRK is a treatment that is also famously known by the name photorefractive keratectomy. The procedure is performed on the eye of the patient to correct myopia.

How Long Does Ghosting Last After PRK

How Long Does Ghosting Last After PRK?

Why is PRK done?Photorefractive keratectomy is performed on those patients who have to correct their myopia.
How long will ghosting last after the PRK procedure?Ghosting may last for several weeks and it could take several months to disappear.
How to prevent ghosting after PRK surgery?Your doctor might prescribe you an eye drop that might help with ghosting effects.

There would be some effects like ghosting that might cause some discomfort but your doctor might prescribe you an eye drop that might prevent ghosting for a while. But, the effect of ghosting might last for several weeks and it could also extend to several months.

Two things that will determine as to how long will it take for ghosting effects to be gone completely. The first one being the level of correction made on your eye or to your eyesight and the second one being your natural healing process.

If the treatment has been completed successfully then you should be fine before you even know it. However, if you do not follow all the instructions that have been instructed to you by your doctor then healing could take many more weeks. Therefore, you should try to take care of your eye post-PRK.

You will experience some fluctuations in your vision for the first few weeks after the treatment has been completed. This is normal and there is nothing that you should worry about. Your doctor might tell you about this beforehand.

Why Does It Take That Long For Ghosting To Last After PRK?

Depending on the above two factors that have been mentioned it will tell that as how long will it take for your eyes to heal completely. You will not begin to see normally soon after the treatment has been completed. You will experience some discomfort due to the fluctuations in your vision.

After several weeks your eyes will begin to heal slowly and your vision will improve as time goes by. You will improve your vision and the ghosting effect will slowly go away until and unless your vision becomes stable.

You should not panic because the ghosting effect might last for a maximum time of six months. You will be asked to rely on a pair of glasses until and unless your vision becomes stable. You will also be asked not to indulge in certain kinds of activities like driving when it is dark.

Your eye surgeon will closely monitor your eyes once your treatment is completed. You might be asked to come and visit the clinic once in a while so that the eye surgeon can give you a weekly report on how much your eyes have healed.

You might be eager to know whether your eyes are responding to the treatment or not. Well, this is why you should prioritize taking care of yourself after the treatment of PRK has been completed. Then your doctor will monitor your healing progress and if your eyes are not healing regularly then your doctor might suggest you go for another treatment.


In the end, you want your eyes to return to normal just like before, and to make this possible you need to follow all the instructions that have been provided to you by your eye surgeon. Do not do things that will put pressure on your eyes.

Seek medical help if you are feeling the discomfort that has become unbearable. PRK treatment is a much better option than a laser is because in PRK treatment there is no risk of flap complications. There are other advantages of getting this treatment done and you should know which type of surgery would be the best for you so that you can make a choice.


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