How Long Does A Radon Test Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 hours

The radon test would take around 48 hours or more depending on the screening type. The radon test would not be very difficult or tough but would take hours or days. The state-specific requirements would affect the radon test length. People can find both long and short-term radon tests.



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The short-term radon test may take around 48 hours to 80 days for giving accurate and best results. Many people prefer 3 months term radon test for getting the most perfect and correct results.

The radon test can also happen for around 12 months if required. Radon always brings the risk of lungs cancer. Therefore, doing a radon test would help in knowing its level in the specific area or place.

How Long Does A Radon Test Take

How Long Does A Radon Test Take?

Radon TestTime
In hours48 hours
In days2 days

People who want to get the short-term radon test done can try the QuickScreen test. The QuickScreen test is a kind of charcoal screening test that would not take more than 48 hours. This means, after 48 hours of exposure, the person would get the results of the charcoal radon screening test.

The time taken by the Rapidos for monitoring the level of radon would be around 10 days. The maximum time taken by the Rapidos to monitor the radon level would be around 90 days. Everyone can choose a window according to their convenience that fits the person’s plan.

The long-term radon test would start from 91 days to 12 months which can show better results. The long-term tests are better for the people who want to know the exact fall and rise of the radon level in the whole year. With the help of long-term radon tests, people can also know at what time the radon level was the highest in their house or room.

The radon mitigation should be avoided if the lab results are not above the 1EPA’s minimum reading. Both the short and long-term radon tests are good, but the long terms are good for more detailed analysis.

Why Does A Radon Test Take This Long?

The radon test would take time as the instruments or materials used to measure the radon level would be different for all the kinds of test. The short terms radon test uses charcoal or activated charcoal to measure the radon level. In some short term radon tests, the experts may use alpha track testing kits for getting more accurate results.

The alpha track testing kits would take around 10 days for monitoring the results. People can do the radon test without any external help as the kits can be easily placed on shelves and tables of the room. Everyone can start with a short-term test to know the level of radon in all the parts of the room.

Then everyone can try the long-term test to know more detailed information about the radon level. People who are new to their homes should try the short-term screening test as it would be more convenient and less time taking. The short-term test is more appropriate for real estate transactions.

If anybody wants to monitor or capture the radon level of any specific month of the year, then a long radon test is good for them. Short-term screening tests are less expensive as compared to long-term screening tests. Everyone can repeat the short-term screening test whenever they want to test the radon level.

The results of the long-term screening test would be more accurate as compared to the short-term radon test.


The shelf life of the radon test would be around 48 hours if taken for the short term. The long-term test would not get completed before 3 months.

The charcoal screening test is quite appropriate for getting the radon test done in just 48 hours. The condition of the house would also affect the type of test someone chooses. Anybody who just wants to try out the radon screening test for the first time can try the short-term screening test.


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