How Long Does It Take To Beat Abzu (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-3 Hours

Abzu is an underwater adventure game developed by Giant Squid Studio. It was published in August 2016 by 505 Games. It has been launched on platforms like Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The game is an animation or underwater world. It exposes the player to the underwater environment like various animals and underwater conflicts. The player is a diver in the animated ocean, he is given help kits to overcome the challenges in underwater stimulus and complete the game.

The game is not much technical and hard. However, it is all about exploring the underwater circumstances that may come up during the game. The animation of the game is gorgeous, vibrant, and engaging.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Abzu

How Long Does it Take to Beat Abzu?

Type of GamersTime Taken to Beat the Game
Beginners3-4 Hours
Intermediate2-3 Hours
Advanced1-2 Hours

The game provides an ambiance of the underwater world. The water is full of fishes and water animals. It has the tiniest of fishes to largest whales and water-based flora. The surroundings of the ocean are not manipulated and are designed similarly to the real world. The game is not available on a disc, it is needed to be downloaded. It can be searched on the PlayStation Store for download. There are no rival characters in the game like other games. The player becomes the diver and completes the natural challenges that may occur underwater in the real world.

The duration to complete the game is found to be 2 hours on average which may extend up to an hour more. The game is not that large to keep the gamer occupied for numerous hours. We can say that it is a linear adaptation of the games from the decade of 1990. Rather than saying it a game, it would be more suitable to call the experience a virtual ocean ride with amazing audio-visual effects.

It is an easy-going game that may excite your free time if you are willing to give it a shot. Along with the under-water animations that seem real, the sound effects match the exact intensity of sound produced by various animals living under-water.

Why Does it Take That Long?

Abzu is created with the purpose of leisure. The game has no deaths and lives, just adventures like Mario games, etc. The player has to dive into a huge ocean in the game. There are minor adventures like exposure to the shark, restoring the life of the diver in the ocean, and reach the pyramid to bring the life of the ocean back. The diver(gamer) and the white shark swim together throughout the game, and in the end, the former kills the latter to preserve the pyramid and bring the marine life of the ocean back. The game is based on its founder Mr. Nava’s love for scuba diving and underwater adventures.

The game has no fillers and thus has a short length. The sections are non-repetitive and the game does not stick at a fixed area of challenge for a longer time. The average time concluded by the gaming experts has been found to be 2 hours. A person who is at an advanced level of gaming can easily complete the game in less than 2 hours while the intermediate ones may take 2-3 hours. However, if you are a beginner it may take you more than 3 hours but lesser than 4 hours to navigate through the waters of the game. While the game moves ahead, the gamer has an analog controller to control and interact with the marine surroundings and solve the problems and challenges that arise in his/her gaming journey.


If you are sitting idle and don’t know how to pass your time, we suggest you give a shot at this game. It is not very tricky and does not require a high amount of zeal to complete it. Just normal prudence and you can achieve the target of completing the game within the said time limit. Not to forget, the amazing audio-visual effects of underwater stimulus are worth watching.



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