How Long to Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game – (And Why)?

How Long to Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 120 hours

The Xenoblade Chronicles is a video game series based on science fiction actions. Monolith Soft designed the game, and Nintendo published it.

This video game is among the Xeno meta-series, which was designed by Tetsuya Takahashi. Xenoblade Chronicles is divided into different chapters which tale sometime before beating it.

You will experience ample hours of gameplay with this game. Discussed in this article is how long to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game and why.

How Long to Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game

How long to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game?

Just like most games, beating Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will depend on your playing strategy. This is one of the most competitive games out there.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 cover

Xenoblade Chronicles entails plenty of science fiction actions with plenty of content which might be hard to beat or complete. When focusing on the main story, it will take you approximately 45 to 50 hours of gameplay to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

If you love playing sidequests such as taking down monsters and collecting amazing blades, you are assured hours of gameplay. Furthermore, you are guaranteed 120 hours of gameplay upon 100% completion of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

For you to enjoy the game entirely, you will have to spend most of your time exploring the game and tackling all the sidequests as well as collect various items.

Why does it take that long to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game designed for gamers who love playing long games. Time taken to conquer this game is affected by your method of play.

When speeding through the game by playing the main story alone, you will have approximately 45 to 50 hours of gameplay. Whereas, playing all the sidequests and collecting all the collectibles, you are assured about 120 hours of gameplay.

How many chapters does the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 feature?

There are approximately ten chapters featured in the Xenoblade Chronicle 2. Unlike most games, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 chapters are long and unique. You might spend roughly 45 hours playing the first four chapters.

However, not all Xenoblade Chronicles chapters are way too long. The first four chapters can set up an entire game by themselves. As you continue playing the game, the sections reduce in length.

Despite that, each episode features plenty of content backed in them. There are plenty of sidequests available in Xenoblade Chronicles if you will be contented to play 100% of the game.


Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the famous action video games. This is because the game features a long storyline, which is hard to beat in an afternoon or two.

Playing the main story itself will take you between 45 to 50 hours of gameplay, making it one of the best video games with the most extended main story.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay

This game will not disappoint gamers who love long stories. Furthermore, the game is highly competitive, making it extra fun to play. For perfect satisfaction, you should consider playing all the side-quests available in the game and collect all the collectibles as well.

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  1. 120 hours of gameplay sounds like an adventure for dedicated gamers. It’s certainly not a game to rush through.

  2. Wow, 120 hours of gameplay after completing Xenoblade Chronicles 2? That’s incredible! I love an immersive gaming experience.

  3. It’s interesting to see how the length of the chapters in the game varies. This adds to the complexity and depth of the gameplay.

  4. Xenoblade Chronicles definitely seems like a game for dedicated players. Not everyone will have the time to invest 120 hours in a single game.

  5. The length of the game depends on playing strategy. I find it interesting that the time taken varies so much based on how the game is played.

  6. Xenoblade Chronicles sounds like an incredibly detailed game. 120 hours is a lot of content to explore.

  7. It’s interesting to learn that playing all the sidequests unlocks an additional 75 hours of gameplay in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

  8. I appreciate the detail and complexity of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but 120 hours of gameplay to complete it is quite daunting for casual players.

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